Warehouse 13 Review: Zombies! Sort Of!

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The Walking Dead paid a visit to Warehouse 13 this week.

Sadly, while there was plenty of flesh eating and zombie jokes to go around, "Insatiable" served up a rather bland episode in terms of mythology. Actually, screw that, the case was pretty bland, too.

Kiss for Claudia

The redeemable qualities were, to be honest, few and far between, while some character actions simply didn't make sense.

The plot twist about the “zombie” bites being completely harmless may have been interesting to some, along with the fact that tip jar on the taco truck made the tippers flesh craving mad... the rest of the case felt too much like a "me too!" scenario in regards to zombies (and, to a lesser extent, vampires) that are making the rounds across TV and film.

Which would be fine had something happened to make it enjoyable. But other than Artie’s slightly awkward and mostly touching interaction with that little boy, as well as Pete and Myka’s promise of putting an end to one another if things got out of hand, there was very little of value. It was mostly just filler.

Still, there were plenty of Claudia one-liners (this junkie got a good fix) served. On top of that, Claudia’s story was the highlight of “Insatiable,” as she was struggling to come to terms with her slowly dissolving friendship with Steve and her apparent mark for death.

It was touching to watch her continually pursue Steve, even though Mrs. Frederick burned him. My name is Steve Jinks. I used to be a Warehouse agent until... sorry wrong show, but that would be kinda cool, right? Anyways, Claudia’s inability to let go of her BFFE was wonderful.

For far too long Claudia has been forced to be the adult among childish adults. Now, we get to watch some of that childhood she lost come back to the surface.

As for Steve, I wasn’t sure what to think about his minor role. Mostly because I’m still questioning what his endgame is. Does he want more information about Marcus and his employer? Does he want to become a mole? Maybe use his human lie detector ability on a bad guy? Seriously, why isn't he using his lie detector abilities on these bad guys? It would save a lot of us from so much guesswork.

However it ends up playing out, I’m looking forward to his storyline the most. I'm also looking forward to the return of a far more entertaining Warehouse 13.

Insatiable Review

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