Weeds Season Finale Review: When Will It End?

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Come on, Weeds.

You were three seconds away from the best conclusion you could muster on "Do Her/Don't Do Her." Granted, the family compound felt hastily-thrown together, but so did every development on season seven. At least various characters were given somewhat happy endings here (no, not that kind, Doug) - Silas has a grow room, Nancy has partial custody of her son. That is, until you decided to go all Sopranos at the very last moment.

Nancy and Jill

Weeds is yet to be picked up for an eighth season, and I really wish creator Jenji Kohan had made this decision for Showtime. That way, she could have penned a build-up to a finale that gave Nancy and her family a true send-off.

The series has been an enormous success, but if it was wobbling off the tracks last year, it crashed and exploded off of them this season. Every episode felt like a complete mess. There was no continuity, no pacing. Take this half hour as an example: the banter between Nancy and Jill was hilarious at times, but did anyone feel a connection to these sisters? Or to the custody storyline in general?

It was completely dropped for weeks and, even more importantly, I can't imagine why anyone would have wanted Nancy to end up with Stevie. She is a horrific mother. Really, the only character who made any sense here was Shane's detective friend when he blasted Nancy for being selfish and dangerous and using the NYPD to further her own drug empire. I was nodding along with every word out of his mouth.

It's one thing to portray a morally grey central character, as many other shows do very well. But that character must be interesting and viewers must feel some sympathy for him or her at times. Sadly, Nancy Botwin never once held my interest this season. She sleeps around and she'll do anything to sell marijuana. That just about covers her.

Can she be redeemed? Is there an angle there for season eight? Maybe. Mary-Louise Parker is still terrific in the role. But it's always frustrating when a show doesn't know when to say goodbye. I've often defended Weeds because it takes chances. But at some point those chances stop feeling brave and start feeling desperate. It's too bad. For a show about drugs, Weeds has ruined any chance of going out on a high note.

Do Her/Don't Do Her Review

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Heylia: Get out.
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