Castle Round Table: "Demons"

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Castle ain't afraid of no ghost!

Just the opposite, in fact, as was proven on the most recent episode of this ABC hit. What did Round Table panelists Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando think of "Demons?" What is on their minds regarding Castle, Beckett and the crew? Let's find out...


What was your favorite and/or funniest scene?
Courtney: Funniest scene was definitely the rat on Beckett’s shoulder and the skeleton crashing down on Castle. He screamed like a girl; Beckett wasn’t even phased. Hilarious.

Chandel: I really enjoyed Kate's fake story about her abnormal experience. She played it like a pro, Castle hung on every word. And then she dropped it on him like a bag of bricks: "How long have you known me?" It was priceless. Castle screaming like a girl was also a fun moment for me. That high pitched squeal was unforgettable.

Jim: I really enjoyed Castle and Alexis talking about relationships. They are an awesome father daughter combo. Especially when he is using her as a zombie shield.

Christine: Loved the scene where Castle spends all night constructing his own murder board and drinks Kate's coffee. Then he and Beckett are trying to flip the murder board to their own side. Second is definitely the body falling on Castle. Nathan Fillion has a particular talent for screaming like a girl... and I mean that as a compliment.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What's your opinion on the demise of Esposito and Lanie?
Courtney: I’m sad! Although it is hard to care too much about a couple that doesn’t really share screen time, I enjoyed the fact that these two had each other. Hopefully they can get back together or Esposito can go have some wild bachelor nights on the town with Castle. Either way works for me.

Chandel: I was pretty depressed about it. I shipped that. The breakup was also a bit sudden. I don't know why an awkward question from Jenny would prompt them to "take a break." Not cool.

Jim: LAME!! If you break up because someone thinks you look so good together that you might be considering marriage... I mean, come on.

Christine: It stinks. We barely got to see them together.  My one complaint of this show is that too many important moments happen off screen. I wish we'd witnessed the fight that led to the breakup. I'm hoping the breakup at least leads to a good relationship conversation between Kate and Lanie.

Do you think Castle should take his own advice and not drop everything when Kate calls?
Courtney: If Kate was calling because she wanted him to do something, it would be different. But when she calls, it's because there's a new case and he wants to be there. Even though he doesn’t get paid for it, this has become his job. So I don’t necessarily think he drops everything. When it matters, he leaves to go be with his family.

Chandel: Yes, I think that was pretty disrespectful towards Alexis to just buzz off like that, at least in the middle of a conversation in which he clearly did not abide by what he was preaching. I think Alexis really does just want some undivided attention from her father, which he hasn't really show her as of late, so it's no wonder she's started doing it to him.

Jim: Hell no! This is a parent's prerogative to use "do as I say, not as I do."

Christine: Yes and no. If he's treating this as a consulting job now, then he's on call for when a body drops and that's normally what Kate is calling about. But let's be serious, I don't think it matters why Kate's calling. Castle's going to come running.

There were so many great lines in this one. Do you have a favorite?
Courtney: I loved loved loved when Castle calls Kate "Skepticus Maximus." But my favorite goes to Castle giving his fatherly advice to Alexis: “Any relationship that lasts longer than a breath mint is going to have challenges.”

Chandel: Castle attempting to not say "ghost" and instead resorting to "apparition American." That was pretty clever, not to mention hilarious.

Jim: "Any relationship that last longer than a breath mint is going to have challenges." - Castle

Christine: Beckett's "Maybe Shaggy will keep Scooby out of trouble."

So... do you believe in ghosts?
Courtney: I want to, it would be a lot more fun. But unfortunately, I'm more of a Beckett girl and have to go with the science instead of the unexplainable.

Chandel: No, I really don't, nor have I had any real experience with the paranormal to really buy into it as a possibility. I'm with Kate on this one!

Jim: Yes. When I was 12 I saw a cloaked figure with no legs floating through a graveyard at midnight on New Year's Eve. It was less than 50 yards from me. Scared me so bad I couldn't sleep for two days.

Christine: Okay, Jim, now I'm scared. But I think most people see ghosts because they want to see them, so I am a skeptic. But I'd like to believe that anything is possible.

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