How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Field Trip"

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Robin's dating her her therapist.  Ted took his class on the lamest, longest "Field Trip" ever.  Nora hates Ewoks. Marshall and Cootes save the world.  There was plenty to discuss about last night's episode.

So join our Round Table as we gather around to further dissect one of the funniest half hours on television:

Favorite quote from the episode?

Chris: Garrison Cootes’s line about going to war. Marshall is so passionate about saving the environment I was happy to see him finally have an ally with some clout.

Leigh: "It's like watching The Breakfast Club on TBS." Because TBS sucks the funny out of movies. (And Sex and the City when it was still airing on that channel)

Eric: Barney and Ted simultaneously calling Robing dating her psychiatrist creepy.  You know you're in trouble when Barney is criticizing your attempts to get laid. 


Poll the Round Table.  Worst person to date?  Barney, psychiatrist, OB/GYN, or insert your funnier answer here?

Chris: I would have to think gynecologist. It reminds me of when Rachel flirted with one on the Friends episode where Ben was born. Jonathan Silverman played Dr. Franzblau who related looking a vaginas all day to Rachel’s job as a waitress saying "If I have to see one more dang cup of coffee..."

Leigh: Psychiatrist. I'd be wayyyy too paranoid that they'd analyze my every word and move. How fun would that be?

Eric: I'm going to leave the medical field and head to an industry I know much better and go with: your co-star who has a different love interest on the same show as you.  I mean, how awkward must it be for Stephen Moyer to watch Anna Paquin hook up with Alexander Skarsgard every week on True Blood?  I'll answer that for you.  Awkward no matter how professional you are.

Age aside, where do you stand on the Ewok line? 

Leigh: Ummm...can I plead the fifth? I really don't know Star Wars, even with 4 older siblings all born in the 70s. Please don't shun me roundtable!

ChrisI have always been a fan of the Ewoks. They were so much more than scraggly looking teddy bears. They fought bravely when they really didn’t have to and suffered great losses to help a group of strangers for the most part.  Seeing that one Ewok die while his little friend tried to wake him was one of the saddest moments in the trilogy. This is not to say the annihilation of Alderaan wasn’t tragic, but this scene was right in your face.  For those who say they were just created to cash in on the toy market, I point out how popular the Star Wars toys were before the third film was released. I also think there was a subtle message about how despite all the technology the Empire had, a small band of creatures wielding spears and rocks but armed with big hearts were able to topple a giant. Classic David and Goliath. Last but not least, they knew how to throw a party, “Yub Nub!”

Eric: What Chris said. You know, because I'm so young.

TV Fanatics, which complete series would you bring down with you in the mine shaft? 

ChrisWhile I am as big a fan of Friday Night Lights you will find, I think for the sake of my sanity and to keep my spirits up while the environment above ground sorted itself out, I would chose to have the complete Friends series in my mine shaft. While I have long considered HBO’s The Wire the best series in television’s history with Friday Night Lights a dark horse second, I would need something like the witty sarcasm of one Chandler Bing to help me get through the long days.

Leigh: Duh, Friday Night Lights and sorry Marshall, but like O'Hara said in his review, you can't completely hate on season 2. 

Eric: I feel like I agree with Chris and need a more light-hearted series with me.  Plus I need to take into account longevity.  This is pretty much the only show I'm watching for eternity.  And for that, I'm thankful The Simpsons has 23 friggin seasons and two more on the way to offer me.  

How do Marshall and Cootes save the world!?

ChrisI feel like Marshall and Cootes will prevent some ecological disaster that if allowed to play out would through a series improbable events have destroyed the planet. It would make for a great sequence from our “unreliable narrator” Future Ted to take us through a series of “what ifs” featuring Marshall and Cootes.

Leigh: I don't know but we'll probably get an answer to that before we find out who the mother is. 

Eric: Do I dare go for my second Captain Planet reference in two round tables in the same month?  I think I do when I declare they hire three more planeteers and nip the problem in the bud.

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It's like watching The Breakfast Club on TBS.


Barney: Studies show that 83% of all college students desperately need, Sex Lessons!
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