It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: Oh, Jesus!

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Dead dogs, dead babies and Jesus on the cross hanging out at Paddy's made their way to Philly this week. Just when you think you're seen it all, Dee, Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Frank take you to the depths of their depravity, as evidenced in "Sweet Dee Gets Audited."

Sweet Dee

Sweet Dee raked in $30,000 for her surrogate scheme and drove into Paddy's with a shiny baby blue Vespa. Shoving it in the faces of Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Frank, she acted all high and mighty until she got busted by the IRS. And that's when the real fun began.

The guys, tired of Frank making all the decisions in the bar and docking their pay, instituted Paddy's Congress where voting on such bizarre topics as the size of limes and whether or not to have a giant-sized crucifix hanging in the bar dominated the docket.

The thought of Dee "pushing a monkey out" in order to qualify for a tax deduction was warped enough without her needing Charlie and Mac to come up with a baby to prove to the IRS that little Barnabas Reynolds really existed.

When they showed up with two crucifixes and a tape recorder wrapped in a blanket while Dee was meeting with the IRS, I thought the jig was up. But the Pickle Party was able to resolve the problem... By trying to convince the IRS lady that little Barney had died by holding his funeral at Paddy's. Gotta be the darkest thing they'd ever done.

Meanwhile, Dennis decided to side with Frank in his scheme of continuing to make the decisions in the bar and cook the books. All it took to turn him was a business card saying he was the VP of Worldwide Distribution for Wolf Cola. How could you not love Dennis? So easily bought. Literally for the price of a piece of paper.

The life size crucifix at Paddy's was beyond. Not too mention Dennis blowing chili pepper into Dee's eyes so she could cry convincingly. So what that he made her eyes bleed. At least he got the bitch to sob!

But the best was Dee gagging when "in the Christian tradition" the casket was opened and the dead dog that had been stewing in the alley fell out. Even I gagged. Whatever that was, it looked even more horrifying in HD.
Did reason prevail? Are you kidding? This is Sunny we're talking about. Don't forget to check out some quotes from the episode and pay your respects to Barnabas.

Sweet Dee Gets Audited Review

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