America's Next Top Model Review: Scent of a Few Women

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Double the fun, double the elimination? That wasn't the case on "Kathy Griffin" this week. The models correctly surmised that there would be a double elimination and they were unfortunately correct. Let’s break it down.

The perfume challenge du jour was actually quite fitting and relevant, given that every celebrity and her mom seems to have a scent these days. The girls got to have some fun designing their own fragrances with their brand names. The best one by far? Allison’s “Honey Blood.” There’s something very glam punk about it, don’t you think?

ANTM Photo Shoot

Bianca got her sass up by refusing to get in the bathtub for the perfume launch party. While I understand that she wants to be taken seriously, the girl has been complaining about an awful lot this season and it’s hard to feel sympathetic towards her. You’re not Beyonce or Kanye, Bianca. And Kim Kardashian got in that giant champagne glass in Las Vegas. Who said reality stars aren't taken seriously these days?

Bianca’s public enemy number-one, Lisa, won the perfume challenge for being the most marketable and fun with her fragrance: Neon. I don’t get the name and think that Laura should have come out on top!

The concept of the reality photo shoot was a little silly but it was cool to see the girls on motorcycles. Watching the models attempt to portray NeNe and Snooki while looking high fashion was entertaining.  However, Snooki is 4’10” and doesn’t understand the concept of clothing...but I digress.

Elsewhere: Kathy Griffin is THE BEST JUDGE EVER!  I only wish that she had been part of the episode more but I’m willing to overlook that for her portrayal of Tyra at panel.  At double elimination Kayla and Bianca, were sent home while Lisa got first call-out and immunity.  So unfair.

Kathy Griffin Review

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