Project Runway Review: Do The Boys Have This Wrapped Up?

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It's the final four and everyone is all smiles. In "Finale (Part One)" everyone is sent home to design their collections. Only three will make it to the Fashion Week runway. They've got five weeks to make 10 looks and everyone gets a very special visit from Tim Gunn. Who wouldn't want that?

Tim wanders down to White Plains, Maryland to visit Kimberly. The pictures make it look like rural farm country but Kim grew up in Brooklyn. Pre-gentrified Brooklyn, she points out, and it's the inspiration for her collection. The Urban girl transformed.

If fashion sense is confidence in your look, Kimberly has it.

Viktor Luna and Joshua Mckinley

Anya's in Maraval, Trinidad. Wow, it's gorgeous. Tim meanders along the sea in his suit at this tropical location. He looks like a well dressed fish out of water.

Tobago, Trinidad's sister island, is Anya's inspiration. Anya has her fabric but no actual garments made. She only has two weeks left! Add to it her lack of sewing experience and this is really scary. Tim's advice: start making something. Now!

We then head back to New York City to visit Viktor and, as usual, he's pretty confident in what he's done. Tim's got to trek up a five story walk up. Hope Viktor offered him a drink. His inspiration is from a trip to Mexico he took to honor the anniversary of his brother's death. Tim doesn't have a lot to say besides telling him to knock their effing socks off. 

Joshua is in Queens, New York. Josh wishes he had more to show but says it's loud, clear, and colorful. Perhaps a little too colorful. Tim tells him his neon colors are on the edge of looking cheap. Suddenly all of these fabrics end up in the trash as Tim calls them sherbert-like and homely. He only has two pieces remaining. Looks like Anya's not the only one in trouble.

Back to New York for everyone and the Penthouse at the Hudson Hotel, to quote Tim Gunn, is fabulous. You'd have to drag me off of that balcony.

But the workroom beckons. The judges want a three-look mini challenge and then they'll determine who stays and who goes. Tim's critique has Josh nervous and Anya in tears. He feels her looks are too safe and she'll be sent home.

No special guest judge tonight. Just our snarky regulars.

This is a hard runway because everyone is so talented. I don't know who I'd send home. So on to the judges critiques.

  • Anya - Nina likes her print dress but Heidi hates her gown. Michael says it looks tortured and her styling isn't working. They don't feel like she's really embraced her point of view.
  • Kimberly - Michael says it definitely shows off Kimberly's look. Again, he hates the accessories. Heidi calls her on her bright pink bubble butt skirt. Thank goodness. I thought it was just me. Kimberly chose not to bring the jacket for the outfit and Heidi says she might go home for not bringing along one piece. Thanks Heidi. Like she's not feeling enough pressure.
  • Viktor - Heidi likes the mirrored top. Michael says the jacket is too much. The dress is perfect on his own. Nina thinks the leather zipper skirt is simply distracting. Now it's Viktor who needs to edit. He's putting too many good pieces together when they should stand alone.
  • Josh - Heidi likes his looks. Michael loves his dress from the front but hates it from the back. He says the bottom reminds him of Olivia Newton John leggings. Michael has a thing about the modesty tab on his black dress but I rather appreciate the effort. Nina is nothing but impressed and says he's a very good designer.  Josh just beams and who can blame him.

The judges decide the girls are both on the bottom as they were both equally bad. So who is going home? No one!?! Seriously, I didn't see that one coming. The final four are on their way to Fashion Week.

Josh is pissed but he's been that way for all of the challenges he hasn't won. He doesn't think either of the girls should be in the final. Suck it up, Josh, because anyone can still win this. And now, on to...

The Tim Gunn Hug Report:

Tim is so happy he practically giggles. Big group hug from the hug meister. He's positively giddy that none of his little designers are going home.

We'll have to see if this lovefest continues or if Josh's snarky competitive streak permeates the rest of the group on the way to Fashion Week. Check back next week to find out.

Finale (Part One) Review

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