Up All Night Review: A Perfect Delivery

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Up All Night's "Birth" was the perfect blend of comedy and realism, as Will Arnett and Christina Applegate delivered (pun... intended!) a tremendously accurate, yet hilarious portrayal of the birthing process. 

Giving Birth

From the look of horror on Chris and Reagan's faces as they subjected themselves to the dated birthing video to Reagan's stubborn refusal of pain killers and her subsequent elation after giving in, the scenes featuring the show's two main characters were pretty realistic.

I did think Chris got off easy in the whole being-yelled-at-by-the-expecting-mother-for-putting-her-in-this-situation department, but his bedside manner was sweet and sincere. The writers have done a nice job of not just relying on Arnett's humor but allowing the more emotional side of his character to develop and shine through as well.

Meanwhile, Ava's character has made huge strides from the pilot. Her jokes consistently hit their mark and have a very natural delivery. And while that about does it for the birthing puns, I must say that I could have listened to Maya Rudolph scream out "cervix" and "crowning" all night long. She was on a roll and capped off the scene amazingly, screaming at Frank for blocking her limo while reminding him "it's not about you right now!"

For those who have wanted to see more of Missy, we got to enjoy the more endearing side of Ava's bubbly midwestern minion as she sacrificed her hair to get Reagan's best friend to the hospital in time. What a tough, call, though to mention "The Rachel" from Friends and a mullet in the same breath. I did think her "A Word, B Word" line was a tad too Kenneth from 30 Rock

While no one should ever look over the delivery room sheet, this episode was a must-see for anyone out there with children or thinking about having them. Up All Night has overcome the labor pains associated with the birth of a new show and has taken its place in the TV world. 

Birth Review

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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chris: She doesn't look very happy.
Reagan: Does this woman not own a hair brush?

Reagan: I can't drink, I can't exercise, sex has become borderline repulsive. Oh because of me not because of you baby. You look great.
Chris: Thanks, you don't think I'm too brown-
Reagan: OK that's enough.