Castle: Kasting for Kim Kardashian?!?

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Castle is getting set to rip a character straight from the headlines. The nauseating, scripted headlines, that is.

A recent ABC casting notice reveals that this hit is seeking an actress to take on the role of Kay Cappuccio, a reality star “who has achieved significant fame and fortune without possessing any discernible skill or talent." Hmmm... to whom could this description possibly refer?!?

The notice also makes a reference to the young woman's "booty" and "knockout body," while adding that she's a "favorite of tabloids and gossip sites."

However, Cappuccio will also have a more complex side, embracing the spotlight and wishing to escape from the prison it has created. No word yet on when she'll appear or how she'll fit into a storyline, but it sounds like Kay will be a murder target on an upcoming episode.

Got any casting suggestions, readers? Aside from the obvious, that is?

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