How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Disaster Averted"

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Disaster might have struck How I Met Your Mother, but the episode was anything but another Shalloween.  If our critic's glowing perfect 5 star review wasn't enough, our usual round table gang has gathered around our electronic McLaren's to discuss "Disaster Averted." 

So please join us and weigh in as we discuss everything from Hurricane Irene to the epic Barney-Robin kiss!

Favorite HIMYM quote?

Chris: I failed to mention it earlier but I loved when Barney asked "why do I have to be Barney Stinson right now," as Marshall pulled back his hand. 

Leigh: Anything SLAP related.

Eric: You may knot.  With a k.  Marshall is so punny.


Indiana Jones adventure: best Barney story yet?

Chris: I think it was his best movie montage parody. We’ve seen Top Gun moments and most recently an Ode to Rocky IV but this one was pretty amazing what with the guy dressed as Sallah and the Short Round character references. I would have liked a few more classic Indiana Jones sound effects like a good whip crack when he lowered the Ducky Tie but all in all it was pretty special. 

Leigh: I loved it, but to say it's the best? Tough call. Barney has one crazy ass imagination.

Eric: I'm not sure how this is even a question.  Of course!  I just wish Barney somehow incorporated the brilliant Indy move of shooting the fancy swashbuckler.  Like Chuck

We were all in NYC for Hurricane Irene.  Were you a Ted or a Robin? Or some other member of the gang in between?

Chris: I drove back from Boston through Irene to get back to NYC, but I was and am a Robin. Shout-out to my mom who stayed put where she lives on the shore, never lost power and threw a "Lights On" party for her friends that did. 

LeighIn real life I was more of a Robin. I thought there was no reason to leave the city and ended up regretting the fact that I did. You try being stranded in your parents' house with no power and kids under the age of 3! I felt like my girl Lily and her need for space.

Eric: I think as a Florida boy visiting NYC during Irene I was clearly more on the Robin side of the spectrum.  But since I come from a place that invented the Hurricane Party, I was clearly more of a Barney and got my drink on.

What's worse: three Marshall slaps or a ducky tie for a year?

ChrisOh man three slaps by far. I wore the same pair of khakis all throughout Catholic School, so a smelly tie wouldn't faze me, but a Marshall Open Faced Handwich? That would leave a mark. 

Leigh: The Ducky Tie. How unoriginal of Barney to just toss it in the trash when there are things like shredders and fireplaces. Hello? Where's his creativity??

Eric: Obviously the slaps.  I'm not convinced HIMYM accurately shows how scary Marshall can be.  Re-watch Dead Man on Campus for Jason Segel to really strike fear into your heart.  Then put yourself in Barney's shoes and tell me you'd take the slaps.

OMG.  Are Barney and Robin getting back together!?

Chris: I don't think they will be back together initially, but I still hold firm in my belief that they end up together. 

Leigh: IDK. Just when I really started to warm up to Kevin, Robin and Barney have to pull a fast one on us. 

Eric: Just like Leigh, Kevin was finally warming up to me.  I mean Kevin.  Not Leigh.  No offense.  On the other hand, I've never felt the Nora thing.  So all the rambling aside?  No.  But man it's great to wish it!  Bring on the Swarkles!

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