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Last week's season premiere introduced us all to Morgan Grimes with the intersect, making us all wonder whether or not this was the correct path for the show to take. "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" expanded on that theme in a number of ways, both for good and for bad.

Intersect Morgan is all riled up and ready to take on all bad guys all the time. This can be good, as it proved to be hilarious when he named himself the Bearded Bandit and started talking in weird, deep voices.  It also provided a ton of great action sequences because our Bearded friend wanted to fight anyone and anything that was in the way.

The Chuck Trio

This was also bad, though, because he continued to get the gang into trouble. Whether it was getting his picture in the paper for being a terrible vigilante after the convenient store fiasco, or taking no regard for anyone else's ideas in running into Schneider's house all alone, Morgan forced Carmichael Industries to make a number of difficult decisions this week.

Worst of all is what the intersect seems to be doing to Morgan's brain. Throughout the episode I thought nothing of the bearded boys' actions, pointing towards intersect mood swings when trying to understand why he was so aggressive and forgetting clearly recognizable Indiana Jones references, but the final scene made it seem much more dangerous than that.

His final question to Gertrude when applying for the new position at Verbanski Industries - Who's Luke Skywalker? - made it pretty clear that the intersect is severely messing with Morgan Guillermo Grimes's head, and somebody is going to need to save him from himself.  That is unless I'm completely wrong, and he's just having mood issues. Which do you think it is?

Although Morgan was prominently featured in "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit," the rest of the gang did a fine job this week, making for a very well rounded Chuck Triple Threat. Let's take a look...


  • Chuck thinking Casey's grunting was a bit.
  • Awesome used public speaking tips to woo Ellie.
  • The Buy More was so empty that there was an actual tumbleweed.
  • The entire conversation between Big Mike and Awesome about shooting the commercial.
  • Casey's fake phone call to Verbanski...followed by his real immediate hang-up.


Morgan was all over the place, and it's still super obvious that it's stunt double in there during all fight scenes, but it's still fun to see him get in on the action. My favorite action bit had to be the double jump kick by Morgan and Chuck at Schneider's house.

I also loved it when Morgan explained to the bad guys "I'm gonna punch you in the face" while taking them down behind the nicely shaded door.

And how about Sarah Walker climbing that rock?  Did I miss something? Because it seemed strange that Casey and Chuck were right by her side after she just spent the better part of 10 minutes climbing up that very dangerous rock.  How did the other two get up there?


There were a couple of scenes between Chuck and Morgan that made it seem like Casa Forcella was getting a bit dusty. Chuckles cares so much about his friend, it's hard to see him have trouble handling the Bearded Bandit. He just wants to protect him, so when Morgan leaves and claims that Trilogy Night is more Chuck's thing, it's pretty heart-breaking.

Moving Forward

I'm super excited to see what happens between Casey and his old flame Verbanski. Carrie-Anne Moss proved up to the challenge of taking on Adam Baldwin in a toughness battle, but will Gertrude be able to break the hard shell of Casey?  I can't wait to find out.

I was a bit disappointed in the fact that Jeff Fahey did not look like he just stepped out of a Burt Reynolds movie. Other than that, he made a pretty believable rich jerk.

I thought "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" was a great second episode to Chuck's final season. What did you all think?

Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit Review

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