Ringer Review: What's the Point?

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After another intriguing episode of Ringer I'm left with one lingering question... but I'll get to that. "That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me" left me with numerous inquiries but it's the one toward the end that's the problem.

Juliet and Her Teacher

Bridget plays Nancy Drew. Bridget and sidekick Malcolm believed that Gemma was locked in Charlie's basement just because he had a lock on the door. Gemma's been missing for weeks. There's been no ransom demand. I know they want to think the best but finding her phone seemed to point to Charlie as her killer more than her kidnapper. The fact that they never mention the thought that she might be dead seemed odd.

Which left me with the question, why is Gemma still alive? What was the point of having Charlie abduct her? Did Siobhan know she knew about the Bridget/Siobhan switch and wanted to keep her quiet? Weren't there easier, less bloody ways of doing that? Like Charlie said, I'd hate to see how Siobhan handles her enemies if this is the way she treats her friends. Of course, unfortunately for Charlie, he found out the answer to that set-up.

Machado's back. I've missed him. But with him came another dead informant. Perhaps Bridget was right to run. It doesn't appear that Agent Machado is very good about keeping the people around him safe. Perhaps finally capturing one of Makawi's moles will help.

Henry's three steps behind. Or at least it always seems that way. Unfortunately, when he finally started to catch up, his actions got Gemma killed. Well, they certainly got her shot. 

Henry's call to the cops prompted Charlie to shoot her but then by some miracle she survived and was able to hit the son of a bitch. So when he spoke and she knew he was still conscious, why not hit him again? And maybe a couple more times for good measure instead of pleading for his keys? You'd think she'd want to beat him senseless.

Juliet's predictable path. So Juliet's big storyline is her twisted crush on her teacher. They've been telegraphing the build up to this story for weeks and I was tired of it almost before it began. Couldn't they find something more interesting to do with the show's only teenager? 

So now the question becomes, is Mr. C some psycho rapist attacking young girls or is Juliet looking for revenge for getting rejected? The problem is, either way, I'm not sure how much I care.

At the end of this episode, I was left with that lingering question. What's the point? Why keep Gemma alive only to kill her now? Why have Charlie tell her Siobhan is still alive only to kill them both? Why is Siobhan trying to convince Tyler he's her baby daddy? But, most of all, why did Siobhan start this whole mess to begin with?

I'm still interested but not as much as I'd hoped to be. Nine episodes in and I still don't have a clue why all of this is happening. Do you? And more importantly, will you tune back in come January to get some answers?

That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me Review

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Siobhan: She's my friend.
Charlie: Yeah, I hate to see how you treat your enemies.

Malcolm: Anniversary?
Bridget: Six years already. Can you believe it?