The Good Wife Round Table: "Affairs of State"

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Gather around, fans of The Good Wife. Our Round Table panel has returned to break down a disappointing episode of this CBS favorite.

Below, Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando go back and forth on "Affairs of State," looking back at their favorite scenes and ahead to whatever the promising future holds...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gotta be Will's interaction with Zach. He was as awkward here as he is smooth inside a courtroom.

Carissa: On an episode I found lacking, I can't even think of a favorite scene. I'll go with the opening credits, when the episode still had potential.

Christine: Loved the opening scene between Cary and Dana. I always liked Monica Raymund on Lie to Me but I may like her even more here. They had such great chemistry and flirty, silly banter. I want to see more.

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Should Kalinda have told Eli about his ex-wife's infidelity?
Matt: Sure. It's true to her character, it was the job she was given and it will even help her relationship with Eli. The man appreciates honesty, that's for sure.

Carissa: Of course. She was hired to dig for and tell the truths she finds. Sometimes they hurt. She's learned to hold nothing back after the debacle with Alicia. She still doesn't have a friend and that one lie of omission hurt one of my favorite aspects of the show.

Christine: Eli's the one who hired her, so yes. He pushed when she hesitated. He wanted to hear everything. Kalinda told him everything. And his ex-wife definitely doesn't have the stomach for politics.

Why doesn't Alicia want Will to meet her kids? Because she doesn't love him... or because she does?
Matt: I think she clearly loves him. But she also loves her drama-free existence these days. What would bringing Will home do for her except anger Peter - the kids would likely tell their dad - and endanger her job?

Carissa: Neither. I think she just wants to get to know her kids again without the presence of a man. To introduce him to them so soon after separating from Peter, and before the wounds from that event fully heal, would do them all a disservice. She isn't introducing them because she loves her kids.

Christine: I think it's because she's still in this state of limbo. She can't openly date Will if she's still married to Peter. That's confusing and unfair to everyone, especially her kids. She needs to make a decision and move on because somebody is going to get hurt in all of this and, from the look on Will's face, it may already be happening.

More promising storyline: Caitlin's crush on Will, Cary's promotion or Zach getting a car?
Matt: Caitlin's crush is only promising in that I'd take pleasure in different ways of tearing the storyline apart each week. But the obvious answer here is Zach getting a car. Will it be a SUV? A Hybrid? New? Used?

Carissa: Cary's promotion. Because I feel he's being used. No matter what happens, it will look good on his resume, but I fear we have some sort of brew boiling in the back of Peter's brain to put further strain on the relationship between the DA's office and Lockhart/Gardner. I'm interested to see what this means in regard to what was, until now, a fairly decent working partnership.

Christine: I don't care enough about Caitlin or Zach to be that interested. Cary's promotion holds a great deal of promise. Much the way Alicia got promoted at Lockhart/Gardner because of her connection to Peter, Cary gained this promotion due to his connection to Alicia. You have to love the symmetry.

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