Bones Promo: Remember The Finder?

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Bones fans are not going to like this promo.

Not only has "The Crack in the Code" been pushed back - the last of six fall episodes filmed before star Emily Deschanel's maternity leave was supposed to air this week, but is now scheduled for Thursday, January 12 - but even the promo for the episode has been hijacked by The Finder.

The spinoff's premiere prompted the scheduling move by Fox. After January 12, Bones goes off the air until the spring, with Geoff Stults and The Finder taking its place. It's hard not to be disappointed by this.

Still, perhaps The Finder will be a pleasant surprise when given a chance to come into its own. Right now, it's only viewed in the context of depriving Bones fans of their weekly does of Booth and Brennan.

Not the best marketing. Anyway, here's the thrown-together promo for The Finder quasi-pilot from last spring, which airs again this Thursday, and the short-lived return of Bones January 12 ...

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