Grimm Review: Warm and Fuzzy

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Now I can add the traits warm and fuzzy to Eddie’s personality.

Just like last week, "Let Down Your Hair" dished out plenty of Eddie time, and once again Grimm benefited from it, all while expanding on plot threads from previous episodes.

Deep in the Woods

Before delving into the case and Eddie, let me say I was happy to see the scared plumber come back into the picture - and he brought friends no less! The more creatures who know Nick is a Grimm, and where he lives now, help heighten the stakes between Nick’s dual lives. Which means it’s only a matter of time until they figure out where he works, and that makes for some fun storytelling from many different angles.

The case gave us (in what I hope isn’t a rare occurrence) a chance to see Eddie working out in the field with Nick, further explaining what it’s like to be one of these creatures. Well, at least from the Blutbaden perspective. Rapunzel, who’s been lost in the woods for years, is probably scared of this side of her, and doesn’t know if she’s alone in these feelings.

Thankfully, warm and fuzzy Eddie came to her rescue, just like Flynn Rider! It’s awesome to see Eddie becoming such a fully developed character. He’s gone from enemy number one, to comic relief, to confidante and now to nurturing. Not bad for a character only seven episodes in.

And a funny thing happened along the way: Nick let his emotions and kinder side break through. We’ve watched him nurture and joke with Juliette before, but for the most part his cop persona shines through for his investigations. With Holly, he was more concerned for her safety and her health rather than trying to arrest her for the murder of a drug dealer.

Speaking of character changes, Hank felt a little off kilter at times in this episode. His personality doesn’t really feel set in stone yet, and it seems since he was with Wu most of the time, Wu’s cheesy one-liners rubbed off on him. Seriously, I counted about four all in a row at the beginning.

Thankfully, they were balanced out with some nice moments of him doing his absolute best to make sure Holly was reunited with her mother. All of those memories from nine years ago of putting his missing person’s case on the shelf flashing across Hank’s face offered a nice moment of poignancy that Grimm hasn’t ventured into.

Over the last two episodes, Grimm has found a storytelling pace that really works, and it’s beginning to offer payoffs to plot elements laid out weeks ago. Now if only I can figure out if Juliette is an evil-doer and Renard would actually do something fairy tale-ish...

Other thoughts:

  • Did anyone else get a bunch of Hunger Games vibes from this episode? If only Rapunzel had a bow like Katniss.
  • Eddie’s love of Christmas? Totally awesome.
  • Is this where Rumplestiltskin hides his pot farm?

Let Down Your Hair Review

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nick: I'm going back out there, and I want you to come with me.
Eddie: How did I know you were gonna say that?
Nick: Munroe, if she is something like you I cannot risk someone else's life taking them out there.
Eddie: Apparently you're willing to risk mine.

Weird vibes out here.