Revenge Round Table: "Loyalty"

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Emily Thorne was diagnosed as a ticking time bomb on the most recent episode of Revenge, the final installment of 2011 and one that saw the bond between Emily and Nolan officially broken. What will this and other developments mean going forward? Our Round Table panel of Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella is here to make some predictions...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Leigh: It was a small scene but at the very end when Daniel is home and on the phone with Emily, he mentions Amanda Clark being back in town. Victoria's reaction and expression in the background was perfect. It felt like a big piece finally fell into place, setting the next stage of revenge in motion.

Christine: It was the flashback where little Amanda had to give up her dog. It was heartbreaking and made me think that if Victoria really loved David, she could have taken his daughter instead of pawning her off on social services.

Dan: I also have to go with that flashback. Little Amanda was so heartbroken and pure that it's almost a shame that she has become so addicted to revenge in her adulthood.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

How ridiculous was the karate scene? And how absurd is it the idea of the Mr. Miyagi guy in general?
Leigh: How can Emily practice karate with this alleged "investor" in an open place where anyone can see her? It just wouldn't pan out. As much as I enjoyed the scene between the three of them at the restaurant, I think it all just pushed the boundaries a little too much.

Christine: The only value I found in this character was that it explains where Emily picked up her mad martial arts skills. Other than that, it just seemed silly.

Dan: Silly indeed. It just felt out of place. There could be other explanations that fit this story better than a sensei teach her martial arts. How about some random dude in an alley right after she got out of juvy teaching her some karate? Just as likely.

What are the chances that Charlotte is Emily's half-sister?
Leigh: Charlotte and Declan are still supporting characters. Charlotte's story really needs to be fleshed out. I don't really think she's related to Emily.

Christine: I hope they are. I think it'd be a great twist and I'd love to see everyone's reactions when they find out. I've got my fingers crossed for this one.

Dan: It would certainly be interesting, but I'm with Leigh that I don't think it's going to happen. It's not a stretch that Charlotte was born from Victoria and David, but Revenge doesn't need yet another layer. It's already complex enough.

How would you get revenge on Tyler for being the absolute worst?
Leigh: Surprisingly, as psychotic as Tyler is, he was a little more interesting this week. Now we know he knows that the Graysons set up David Clarke. In a way, he's now fighting on the same side as Amanda. Should we get rid of him just yet?

Christine: The problem with Tyler is that he's unstable and dangerous.  I think the only way you can be sure he's no longer a threat is if he's in prison or dead.

Dan: Unstable, dangerous, and annoying! Yes, Leigh, we should get rid of him right this second. Sure, he might now help Emily/Amanda in the end, but at what price?  Having to watch him week in and week out is too rich for my blood.

Give Revenge a midseason grade thus far.
Leigh: A cold hard A! Revenge is the best drama on TV right now. Can't wait for January!

Christine: B+. I love the show but sometimes I wish I felt more of an emotional pull towards the characters. Other than that, it's been great fun.

Dan: I'm grading on a curve because it's a new series, but I'll go with A-.

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