Coming to The Secret Circle: Cassie's Father!

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It's the most prevalent question on The Secret Circle these days: Who is John Blackwell?

What kind of man was Cassie's father? What sort of dark magic has he passed on to his daughter? Look for these questions to at least partially be answered on episode 15, as TV Guide has broken the major news: Johnny B is coming to Chance Harbor!

Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NCIS, Wildfire) has been cast in the mysterious role and will show up on the installment aptly titled "Return." Is he really a changed man? Does he really want to protect Cassie and the coven? We'll need to tune in to find out.

The Secret Circle airs a new episode this Thursday. Previewed above, it will focus on the fire from 16 years ago and what caused it.

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