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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down last night's milestone episode (see our official Gossip Girl review from last night) in even greater detail.

Below, TVF presidente Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) and editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) join staff writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines to discuss the controversial "G.G."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney: Tough one... Eleanor asking Chuck "Are you coming to stop this thing or what?" and Georgina's "See you at the next shindig." Both awesome.

Christina: I’m with Leigh. There were far too many awesome quotes to choose from, but that specific memorable and classic line all about love was near perfect.

LeighSo hard to pick. I think I'm going to go with the classic: "I love you, always have, always will."

Steve: I've got to go with this entire Chair scene.

Eric: Sorry Steve, I don't care how easy it was, Cyrus took the prize when he called Blair The Princess Bride. The fact it took this long for a reference? Inconceivable.

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2. What did you like most about the 100th episode?

Courtney: I'm getting sappy and going with Blair having both her father and step-father walk her down the aisle. It was so sweet and having the parents play a legit part in the episode was a refreshing touch.

Christina: Again, lots of scenes to choose from, but I definitely liked the BFF bonding between the princess bride and MOH. Though short and sweet, I’m grateful that the centennial episode gave a nod to these two besties.

LeighAll of the callbacks to the pilot! It was a fun scavenger hunt in an otherwise over-hyped episode. If I had to choose one scene it'd be Eleanor realizing she had to get Chuck. Eleanor Waldorf MVP.

Steve: The roles played by all three of Blair's parents, Nate approaching Lola, the nods to the pilot, Chuck laying it on the line, Serena's bridesmaid dress, and every line out of Georgina's mouth.

Eric: Well, besides the huge reveal at the end? I love any episode that feels like a reunion. It's rare enough we get Eleanor, but throw in Blair's two fathers and you got a great episode.

3. What did you like least about it?

Courtney: One word. Louis. I wasn't expecting this episode to have Blair running into the arms of Chuck or Dan; I was just hoping it would get rid of the prince. He's been so boring, and even though it looks like he is adding another layer that could potentially be interesting, I still want him gone.

Christina: Louis! Why can’t he just go away?!

LeighUmm, everything else? The fact that the Blair Waldorf we met five years ago wanted to be a strong, independent, head-bitch-in-charge kind of woman. Not a teen mom getting married at 20 to a loser she can't even verbally comprehend.

Steve: Leigh makes a great argument, but mine is more general: The overexposure of the episode. No way this was going to please fans after weeks of relentless hype, even if a majority of it was decent.

Eric: Like Courtney and the rest of the Round Table: Louis. His actions, like always, made little to no sense.

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4. Georgina as Gossip Girl: You buying it? Or is there more to it?

Courtney: There has to be more to it. She was gone all that time and still running Gossip Girl? I highly doubt she was able to run the show from rehab. She may be the new GG, but there is way more story to this.

Christina: I’m so not buying it, and you can bet that there’s more to it. She may be presently the new GG, but there’s no way it’s been her all along.

LeighNot at all. No way that has been planned since season one. She's been in rehab, boot camp, bible camp, trapped in Russia, etc. How would she have run the site?

Steve: My colleague Eric makes a simple but profound point below. The name Gossip Girl implies there is a single female running the show (as does the fact that it's narrated by one voice). But just as there is no singular TV Fanatic, Gossip Girl could indeed be multiple staff members. Georgina may be an apprentice to the big boss lady, or perhaps she's the big boss lady with interns covering for her while she was in rehab with no phone. There are multiple not-inconceivable angles, and the show has certainly asked us to believe crazier things. Is there any better person to embody G.G., though? She's the right age, has known the Upper East Siders forever and is a hilariously snarky, emotionally detached sociopath. Gossip Georgina FTW.

Eric: She is by far the best choice the show had for Gossip Girl. Sure, there's plot holes a plenty when you consider her time away, but like any major celebrity gossip site, there's never just one person behind it. We're all Gossip Girl. Okay, not really, but there could be at least two people with the password. And I'm still hoping the other looks like Kristen Bell.

5. Greater villainous threat to the Upper East Siders: Georgina or Louis?

Courtney: Right now? As much as I hate to say it, Louis. He is in a power of control now and he has the ability to seriously shake things up.

Christina: G, for sure! She’s one crazy biatch.

Leigh: I honestly wasn't expecting that Louis bombshell, but G takes the cake every time. Her monologue about the annual shindigs was flawless and entertaining.

Steve: If Georgina has really been the puppet master of the UES this whole time, then clearly she's even more of a force to be reckoned with than we realized. But Louis, going all heavy-handed on Blair and basically telling her she's his prized possession an hour after they said "I do"? That's cold. This guy needs to be taken down hard and it won't be easy. It might even require an alliance between the NJBC and ... dare I say it ... G.G.

Eric: Seriously? How dare you even mention Louis in the same sentence. No matter how many seasons have passed, there's still only one G.

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6. Dair. Chair. Derena. Where do you predict all of these current non-couples are headed?

Courtney: Dair definitely has lots of chemistry, but I am enjoying them as best friends. Lonely Boy has become Blair's go-to and although I think her knowing he wrote the vows might make things awkward, these two will continue down the road of BFFs. Chair is end game, without a doubt. Serena may have waited too long to make her move to bring back Derena. Although it is sweet that she knows what a great guy Dan is, I'm still not over their parents being married. Here is hoping these two do not get back together so Serena can match herself up with the other hottest guy on the show, Nate Archibald.

Christina: Dair = BFFs. Chair = The End. Derena = LOL! For crying out loud, they’re step-siblings! S will continue to pine over him while he’ll continue to pine over B.

LeighPlease don't make me suffer from another rage blackout Summer Roberts style! Serena just professed her love to a Muppet who used to die over her and she got totally ignored. She's too hot for this. I was the biggest Chair fan ever. Even creator Josh Schwartz's favorite scene is the limo sex! But Chuck has to hit a wall at some point, you can only get rejected so many times. Hopefully Dan is taking Blair to her agent's office to get them both a new gig. We were introduced to a smarter, wittier, more practical Dan and Blair than we know now. 

Steve: The Gossip Girl I grew attached to back in the day featured Derena and Chair. How can I not want them to end up back together? At the same time, Serena's rekindled love for Dan feels a bit abrupt, while Dair has shown surprising staying power over the past few months. Every time you expect their relationship to be swept under the run and forgotten about (Josh Safran style), the bond grows stronger. Will it ever become mutually romantic? I really don't know, but in order to do justice to the characters and reward their fans, Dan had better at least put the idea out there - and I mean more directly than ghostwritten vows.

Eric: Dair is sadly just taking a nice leisurely car ride to relax at some museum or movie theater with zero sexual activity. 'Cause that's what Dair does. Chair is obviously coming very soon. Probably beginning with a secret sexual rendezvous in the back of a limo and then turning into a recurring scandalous affair. Will she get half of the world's second smallest country in the divorce? Derena meanwhile, is probably still too incestuous to ever be endgame, but we can certainly enjoy a tease of them for a little longer. Still surprised all that positive gossip they got from being together never called them out for being step siblings.

7. The real Charlie was clearly introduced for a reason. What is it?

Courtney: Nate will start dating her and uncover the truth about who she really is. His next headline is already writing itself for The Spectator.

Christina: More unraveling scandals, secrets and drama. I can’t wait.

LeighTo breathe some life and decent scandal back into the show! And as always, mess with the Van der Woodsens. That family has been through the mill!

Steve: To give the new Nate a lasting love interest with whom he forms a real connection, rather than simply hooks up with because the writers can't craft a good storyline for him? Here's hoping.

Eric: Well, yes. The truth will come finally. It may not even take that long anymore since Nate seemed to shed his mimbo slowness. Now the real question is what are the consequences for Carol and Ivy? While that kind fraud could clearly land you in jail in the real world, I feel like a more Gossip Girl-esque revenge plot will be drawn.

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