Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Here Comes the Bride ...

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This new sneak peek of Monday's Gossip Girl shows the beautiful bride, Blair Cornelia Waldorf, entering the church on her wedding day, walking down the aisle escorted by her two dads, and ... scene!

It's nothing we didn't know, based on the photo gallery, which showed B walking down the aisle to meet Prince Louis at the altar. What transpires after that remains very unclear, however. So many possibilities!

Still, it's neat to see some of the visuals. From Rufus and Lily to Eleanor and Dorota, everyone looks so happy and glamorous at the decadent affair. Just give it another minute or two after this scene:

The only new revelation in the clip above is twofold, and does not involve Blair:

  1. Dan realizes no one thinks he and Serena are fake dating but him.
  2. Serena says she just did something "bad."

Any theories on what S might have done, and how D figured that out?

Also notable: Chuck Bass does not appear in the above clip. Hmm ...

Whatever ends up happening in the 100th episode next week, and whether Blair ends up with Chuck, Dan, Louis or no one, it's sure to have people talking and we will be here to pick up the pieces!

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