Project Runway Review: Modest or Daring?

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The Project Runway All Stars made there way back for "A Night at the Opera" but instead of buying a gown, they were designing one. The catch? They had only one day to get it done.

As Austin, the king of all things couture pointed out, a dress such as this could take months to plan and create. Well... that's why you're an All Star. Here is one day. In the immortal words of Tim Gunn, "make it work."

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As the designers scrambled around Mood, Michael realized that April was buying the same color fabric he had planned on using. April's attitude is that she doesn't f-cking care if they're both using red, but Michael was more paranoid after their joint mop dresses from last week. He changed his strategy to black.

The new judges and host are growing on me, but Joanna Coles is NOT. Her mentor segment is just so boring. There's no drama. No fun. I really miss Tim.

The guest judges this week were none other than designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Talk guys that should know a thing or two about gowns.

I wish we could have gotten some panel reactions to Kenly's puffy pink polka dot gown, but that was not to be. I have to say, there was no doubt that dress came from Kenly. As the models hit the runway, the front runners were no surprise.

The top 3:

  • Anthony: It's an impeccably draped white gown with a neckline that plunges so low I hope that his model is glued into it. Badgley and Mischka pronounce it a dramatic show stopper but a little heavy handed on the accessories.
  • Austin: Isaac loves the gold dress with black chiffon overlay. It's his favorite. Mischka says Austin knows how to cut a beautiful dress. Georgina wishes the bust line was a touch lower but Austin says he meant for it to be modest and tasteful.
  • Michael: The black jersey gown with crystals and feathers up front and a bare back is a stunner. The judges can't believe he made it in a day. Angela says the back is super sexy.

On the bottom:

  • April: Isaac says that perhaps the opera isn't the place for tie dying. Neither Badgley or Mishka like red and black together. The fabric looks tortured and the randomness, sloppy.
  • Sweet P:  It's an orange print prom dress with a Little House on the Prairie style skirt. The judges think the bodice looks like a granny bathing suit. If this is a gown, I'm skipping the ball.
  • Kara: I can't stand this print. I think it looks like bad drapery but Isaac loves it although he wants the black waistband gone. Mishka loves it. He might save her. Angela seems to hate the fabric as much as I do.

And the winner is... Austin! His dress was fresh and classic. As much as I loved the bare back on Michael's gown, I can't begrudge Austin the win.

And going home... Sweet P! Finally. Perhaps I shouldn't say finally after only two episodes but I hated her dress last week and didn't think this one was much better.

Now I simply need Heidi to say Auf Wiedersehe. Well, maybe next season.

A Night at the Opera Review

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