The Vampire Diaries Picture Gallery: "Our Town"

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Caroline, happy birthday... oh, whoops. Sorry.

Yes, Caroline Forbes returns to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday night on the episode "Our Town" and, yes, the beloved character turns 18 -- but, no, she won't be in any mood to celebrate.

As a result, look for friends Elena and Bonnie to plan a party in an unusual location, while, elsewhere on the episode, Tyler disobeys an order from Klaus and Stefan threatens his main nemesis. View the official CW trailer now and then click through the following photos from the upcoming installment:

Turning 18!
Our Favorite Bromance
Matt in the Woods
A Drink for Damon
Tyler vs. Klaus
Damon and the Sheriff
Bonnie in Charge

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