Cougar Town Set Scoop: What to Expect on Season 3

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With Cougar Town - finally!!! - returning from a long hiatus tonight, it is not only the show’s fans that are beyond thrilled, but the sitcom's stars as well.

TV Fanatic was on the set of the ABC series a couple weeks ago and gathering the scoop on what to expect from the new season, as well as why this evening's premiere is especially important. (Hint: this photo gives it away.)

“I just saw it for the first time since September of last year and I cried,” Courteney Cox told us of the season premiere. “It’s really sweet and I love it. The show is funny and quick and has these moments of heart that just got me. I forgot I was in it and was like, ‘Oh wow, look at those characters, they so love each other.'"

Cougar Town Season 3 Premiere Pic

Indeed, it's no secret that Jules and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) get engaged tonight and the actor reminded us that - although it is sweepingly romantic - this is still a comedy first and foremost.

“There are a lot of jokes there," Hopkins said. “Now they have to deal with like real-life issues like who sells their house and, wow... we’re together a whole lot now!”

One of the major problems that has continually plagued the couple is that Grayson wants children and Jules does not, as she already has a grown son, Travis (Dan Bryd). How will that be handled?

“We do deal with that issue,” Cox said. “There’s a surprise that happens that puts it on the backburner because [Grayson] kind of feels satisfied at the moment.”

We also uncovered a treat for fans about the season premiere that gives our wine-loving gang a new method to down their vino: necklaces made out of wine glasses! Yes, you read that correctly.

“You know those are real? They didn’t make those up for the show,” Hopkins said with a tinge of shock. “They have those! It’s just the height of slothfulness [laughs]. ‘I can’t hold my wine, I need a necklace!’”

Scoops, spoilers and amazing wine-imbibing apparatuses aside, the actor is simply hoping viewers will even remember the show exists.

“I think most people are going to be like, ‘Oh, this is on now?’ I think it is going to be one of those things that hopefully slow builds each week,” Hopkins said.

Outside of Jules and Grayson, other characters will be seriously affected by the engagement, as friends duel over wedding party honors.

“Laurie gets jealous because it’s hard when you have two best friends," Cox teased. "Who is the maid of honor? We have to deal with that and somebody gets upset."

And what about the impending wedding, which we assume will take place on the season finale? The actress would simply say:

"It does involve wine country. It’s going to be like a farce, I know that.”

Cougar Town premieres season three tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST on ABC. Visit TV Fanatic as soon as the episode concludes for a detailed review.

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Cougar Town Quotes

Jules: You see that young gentleman there, I'd love to lick his body
Woman: That's my son
Jules: Ooh, he looks smart

Jules: When a 40-something guy gets divorced, it's always: "Way to go, Tiger!"
Grayson: We don't call each other Tiger. It's always Champ, or Samurai.