Criminal Minds Episode Trailer: JJ on the Attack!

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Having a bad day? The unsub on next week's new Criminal Minds has a cure for that. But you probably won't like it, as teased in the following preview.

Looking ahead to "Closing Time," fans can expect to see bodies discovered in lifeguard towers along Southern California beaches. They can also expect to see JJ kick some serious behind.

Watch now to get an idea of the sort of villain she'll be up against and then prepare for this agent to physically combat an evil doer in very close proximity on the episode:

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Agent Prentiss: He's castrating his victims post mortem, so torture isn't his game.
Agent Morgan: A shot to the head is efficient, I don't think he wants his victims to suffer.
Agent Hotchner: A quick kill isn't personal, and it lacks the thrill on which a lot of UnSubs thrive.
Morgan: But the castration is very personal. He probably knew his victims.
JJ: Or he could be impotent. The UnSub feels emasculated so he wants this victims to feel the same way.

Agent Rossi: You know, race day is almost here. You'll need a new excuse to see her.
Agent Hotchner: It's been handled.
Rossi: Attaboy. When?
Hotch: Friday.
Rossi: Come hell or high water, Aaron, I will get us back by Friday.