Ellen Pompeo Dishes on Grey's Anatomy, Life

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Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo sat down with E! this week about tonight's Private Practice crossover and other topics, including her dedication to the show and her real-life struggles (and victories) as a working mom.

Excerpts from the awesome actress' chat with the network below:

On the twins who play Zola: "Those babies are amazing. They're so cute and they're really small. You know they're only like a little over a year, but they seem to know when the camera is on them."

On whether her own daughter, Stella, has met them: "No, I feel really bad. I really feel like I'm cheating on Stella, I feel terrible. They're adorable, but I really do feel guilty."

On Mer's specialty: "I have no idea. The fans know more than me at this point!"

Mer and Daughter

On staying invested in Grey's in Season 8: "I think, you know, season eight, anytime you get to play something new, if there even is such a thing at this point anything new on Grey's Anatomy, it's fun."

"Luckily we have good chemistry and we're lucky to still be here. I don't think too many shows can say their fans hung in til Season 8. So I'm happy that the fans are still enjoying the show and that makes it worth it for me."

"People still come up to me every day and love the show and want to express how much the show means to them. And so what keeps me going is not so much the scenes on the show but the fans."

On what she's up to in tonight's episode: "I am shooting with the lovely, talented Sandra Oh and she is having problems in her relationship and I'm trying to be the voice of reason and I love me some Sandra Oh."

On Cristina and Owen: "I mean, that is a pretty serious situation what happened! And I could very easily see him walking away. Then again, I guess Meredith has a point: Why did he marry her?"

"He knew exactly who she was, but it looks irreparable to me. But I love acting with Sandra Oh. That's my favorite part of the show I'd have to say, well I love Patrick [Dempsey] too, but me and Sandra have something special.

On the dream house: "I have no idea what happened to that. It should be built by now. It should be a castle, it should be as big as the castle in Beauty and the Beast by now! [laughs.]"

On juggling work and motherhood: "It is challenging. You know, I have my days where I feel really guilty that I've been here every day if I have to work a lot. But the truth is I'm in a very blessed situation."

"I am so lucky. First of all, I am so lucky to live in a country where a girl like me can make this kind of living, achieve her dreams and reach her goals. I don't think anywhere else in the world can girls have the freedom that we do."

"So first I'll say it really isn't a challenge with respect to the women in the rest of the world, I think we're very lucky. And all working moms have their challenges and I'm incredibly lucky compared to most."

"I can afford help and I'm fortunate where I can bring her here if I miss her. She's not in preschool yet so she can spend time on set. So I think everything in my life is a blessing. I strive to be a better person everyday because of her."

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