Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Who's Crazy? Cupid? In Love?

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Gossip Girl producers Joshua Safran and Austin Winsberg tease the show's upcoming episode in their week's preview video, and unlike some weeks, they actually included some interesting tidbits this time!

Namely, who the title, "Crazy, Cupid, Love," references:

  • Cupid is Blair, determined to set up Dan and Serena. Interesting. Of course, we know who Dan's really into, and this week's Gossip Girl promo hints that he might make a move ... on Blair.
  • Love is for Valentine's Day in general, but specifically what Nate is starting to feel for Lola, who's doing an awfully good job of playing hard to get. That only makes him want her more.
  • Crazy refers to Georgina Sparks, obviously ... but there's a new twist this week. We now know Dan sent the video of Chair to Gossip Girl, and that she plans to hold this over his head.

St. Vincent also appears and performs as a musical guest. How do you see things playing out between Dan, Blair and Serena? How will Georgina's leverage over him potentially impact events?

Watch the preview and find out what to expect below!

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