How I Met Your Mother Review: Misery Business

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If "Karma" was a stripper, who at the halfway point asked me if I wanted a dance, I would have said no.

By the end, though, I would have been running to the ATM so I could take it to the Champagne Room. Indeed, what started off slowly finished with fanfare the likes of which you only get from putting sparklers in your desert.

While someone needs to tell Marshall and Lily to stop raiding Sue Sylvester's closet, I loved all the mundane East Meadow activities, walking poles included. I'm such a fan of when Marshall geeks out about stuff - like the way he did tonight when talking about the Dutch Masters on bottle caps and their bowling team, the Alley Cats. The show's creepy attempts to prevent Robin from leaving reminded me of the movie Misery, complete with Lily brandishing the sledge hammer over Robin when she awoke.

I did, however, fee like there were some other movie references in there that I missed. Maybe you all can help me out there.  

Best Girlfriend Ever?

I did have a bone to pick with Robin, however, for her hating on menus with pictures of the food on them. I grew up a huge fan of Friendly's and one of the best parts were the pictures its menus featured of their amazing grilled cheeses and sundaes. I'm hungry right now just thinking about it.

Quinn left a bitter taste in my mouth initially, as did all the textbook lines she was feeding our oblivious Barney. When Barney told her how he had tried to change, only to have her say he had it right before, however, I felt a slight pulse return to their potential relationship. Those faint beats of possibility turned into a bass drum of excitement when he sarcastically turned Quinn's own lines on her in the coffee shop and she finally asked him to sit down. At last she saw past the guy in the suit with the big bank roll. I'm very interested to see where this one goes.

Nothing had me more pumped, though, than the way Ted said goodbye to the apartment and Robin's room by turning it into a nursery for Marshall and Lily.

Despite the inaccuracy of Ted's line about ghosts (traditionally, ghosts don't move on until they are finally at peace, not the other way around) tonight's ending was one of those great How I Met your Mother moments you never forget, like when Lily and Marshall found out they were pregnant.  After seemingly idling in neutral for so long, our beloved show is back in gear and on the road to somewhere great.

Karma Review

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Lily: You'll be playing with two charter members of the East Meadow Alley Cats.
Marshall: We're a hot dog eating team with a bowling problem.

When did I become such a gooey romantic?