Justified Round Table: "Harlan Roulette"

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Justified treated fans to a fun, dangerous game of "Harlan Roulette" this week, as Pruitt Taylor Vince guest-starred as the county's shadiest pawn shop owner.

In our latest TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella and Jim Garner are joined by Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com in breaking down the episode, Raylan's best threats and more...


Better idea, Boyd's backup? Or Raylan's cell phone pic?
Jim: Boyd having backup for the bartender's back up reminded of exactly how installment Boyd can be. Besides, who doesn't love to watch Boyd explain so "mater of factly" the situation to the simpletons he deals with; calm, cool, collected. Very scary, and so awesome!

Tiffany: Both methods seem effective and unexpected. But I have to appreciate the finesse of Raylan whipping out a cellphone and taking a picture of Quarles. Everyone expects him to whip out a gun, but never the phone. But in this situation, the phone is all he needed. Quarles is not yet known to him, and Raylan has no reason to suspect that Quarles deserves to be greeted with a gun. However, the next time they meet, something tells me that Raylan is going to know exactly who Quarles is and may shoot first and ask questions later. Can’t wait for that showdown!

Dan: Yeah I also have to go with Boyd's backup to the backup. The whole vibe of that scene was thrilling. From Boyd's explanations, to Johnny rolling in on his chair, it was a great moment for the Crowder clan.

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When will people learn to never fire a gun at your boss after he just told you to kill yourself with it?
Jim: I think JT's bigger mistake was handing the gun back to Fogle afterwards. For the record, I'm not a fan of the Harlan Roulette rules of "count till the gun goes off."

Tiffany: It is sad that desperate people do such foolish things in the final moments of their lives. But if someone you are afraid of hands you a gun, I understand the impulse to shoot them first, given the option. That last stand and act of defiance may be the only thing they get to cling to as they face down the barrel of death

Dan: Yeah Harlan Roulette rules are the worst. Some sadistic stuff going on in that part of Kentucky. And, seriously, the gun is never loaded! If anything, he should have fired at Wade to see if there were any bullets in it. That way, if there weren't, the boss man wouldn't have hated him as much.

Who did you want to see more of this week: Ava, Winona, or any of the other Marshals?
Jim: I love watching Winona and Raylan together, so it would have been nice to see a bit more of her. However, Ava with Limehouse - discussing their history - piqueed my interest, too. I hope we get to hear a bit more about that.

Tiffany: At this point, I’m in Marshals-withdrawal. It would be good to see the other law enforcement officers and detectives more actively involved in keeping the peace and corralling all the criminals running loose around the countryside.

Dan: I love me some Art Mullen, but I too wanted to see more of Ava with Limehouse. Their interactions were very intriguing, and I can't wait to see what role she plays in attempting to bridge a gap between the BBQ man and her boy Boyd.

Do you want to see Dickie get out of prison?
Jim: I don't want to see Dickie at all! Jeremy Davies does such a great job of making his repugnant that I feel like I need to wash my hands after he's been around.

Tiffany: I actually appreciated the slick way that Dickie was broke out of prison and love knowing that he’s on the loose, about to cause more trouble for everyone. He’s a rattlesnake and never does the smart thing. Plus, Davies simply shines when he’s toe-to-toe with his co-stars. Can’t wait to see more tense conflicts between Dickie, Boyd and Raylan this season – and hopefully Ava gets her chance at some payback, too!

Dan: Yes! I want to see Dickie get back in on the action. With all of the bad guys strolling the streets on Justified, adding this Bennett boy back into the mix would only make this series more exciting!

Which threat was more awesome: Raylan telling Winn the "next one comes faster?" Or Boyd telling Arlo "the only reason" he's not geting a beating is because he's an "old man?"
Jim: I know Dan will go with The Man in the Hat and I have to agree with him this week. Popping a bullet out and tossing it on Winn was downright awesome.

Tiffany: Both scenes were cheer-worthy, but Boyd finally taking out Devil was awesome. Devil was becoming such a thorn-in-the-side and had out-stayed his welcome. It was about time that Boyd started taking out the “trash.”

Dan: You know my man-crush too well, Jim. Honestly, does anyone do it better than Raylan Givens? Credit goes to the writers for coming up with that line of dialogue, but Timothy Olyphant did the damn thing once again by portraying Raylan as the stud that he is.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

JT: That's not how Russian Roulette works.
Fogle: You're not playing Russian Roulette dumb shit, you're playing Harlan Roulette.

Raylan: These boots aren't made for running.
Officer: And yet chasing fugitives is a marshal's primary function.