Nikita Review: New Alliances Emerge

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What the heck happened on "Clean Sweep?" That was a non-stop hour of blackmail, negotiation, lies and deaths.

Clean Sweep, itself, was a bust thankfully, but the ramifications of the conflicting blackmail threats have changed the situation for everyone.

Nikita vs. Percy

The conflict between Percy and Amanda came to a head with Percy seeming to have won that fight. Or, did he? Perhaps this battle ended in a draw. Percy got out of his glass prison, but other than that he didn't gain much. He lost Division, Clean Sweep failed and he was shot. Assuming the gunshot isn't fatal, he will fight another day.

Amanda kept control of Division, but she lost Percy. While Clean Sweep failed, she didn't gain anything or did she? One of her main problems was Oversight and Percy took them out for her. Convenient! The battle for Division is definitely not over; it has just begun.

Unfortunately for Senator Pierce, she doesn't hold much sway over Amanda now that she is on her own. Though, what did Oversight do for Division anyway? If it controlled the purse strings wouldn't that still be the case? So, not only does Amanda have to worry about Percy's quest to get control of Division back, she will have to watch out for Pierce because she now has a secret weapon -- Nikita's team.

In this spy world of Nikita, loyalties come and go as enemies change. Nikita has always wanted her freedom and now she has the opportunity to get that. Will Senator Pierce hold up her end of the deal? Or, is she just using Nikita and Michael to get what she wants -- Division destroyed.

Michael is right, Nikita should work with her. This is their chance to clear their names. They have a common enemy and at this point Pierce is harmless. They also have Sean to help and his intentions have always been good.

Where does this leave Alex? Will she reveal herself to the world as Alexandra Udinov and play right into Amanda's hands? Or, will she return to work with Nikita? Alex is a wild card. She has her own goals and motivations. But, going along with Amanda on her own is a dangerous play. The scariest part is that she doesn't know that Amanda is working Ari. That is going to bite her big time.

The sides have taken form. Amanda and Division have Percy and Team Nikita/Pierce after them. Percy has Amanda/Gogol and Nikita/Pierce after him. And, Nikita has everyone gunning for her: Amanda, Percy, and Gogol. At least she finally has Oversight off her back with them basically eliminated and Pierce on her side.

I'm pretty excited to see how these new teams are going to work out. What a view that was to see Percy with his two comrades, Roan and a Guardian walking to their car all dressed in black. Formidable indeed.

On the other side, you have the elegant Amanda partnering with Ari and potentially Alex.  And, on the outside, there is Nikita's team with her, Michael, Birkhoff, Sean, Madeline, and Owen.

But ... what are they fighting for? Who will come out on top? And, are we done with the black boxes? The rest of the season will be an exciting ride to see how it all plays out!

Clean Sweep Review

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