Private Practice Round Table: "Too Much"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our official Private Practice review broke down last week's "Too Much," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Caitlyn: Favorite scene goes to when Charlotte found Mason. I just loved how raw the emotions were from Mason and what we saw from Charlotte. I'm not the biggest fan of this story arc but that scene really made me appreciate Mason entering their lives.

Jarrod: Jake to Addison: “When you’re ready to be more serious, you let me know.” I’m glad he’s finally stepped up to the plate and gotten it out there because it looks to be that Addison is blinded by the fact he does have feelings for her.

Carissa: Charlotte not losing her cool with Mason. She's always been a favorite, but I think how well she has handled this entire situation is nothing short of amazing.

Christina: I’m with the girls on this one. Charlotte was spectacular with Mason.

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2. What did you not like about this episode?

Caitlyn: The return of Sam and Addison AGAIN. Seriously, it's enough. Addison acknowledges that nothing has changed so why even go there again?

Jarrod: It would have to either the ENTIRE Mason-Erica-Cooper-Charlotte show or the Pete-Violet “I care, but you know, I don’t want to be with you”. However, I’m glad Pete said to Violet: “You don’t have to interrupt my feelings, Violet.” I’m sick of her telling people how they feel. One of many reasons why my VAS high this week.

Carissa: Addison falling back into Sam's arms. I'm done with them.

Christina: Can I name more than one? I listed out all of my dislikes in my review, but my least favorite was definitely Addie’s decision to sleep with Sam.

3. Does Mason have super powers? Otherwise, how else did he get that far when Charlotte was only gone merely a few seconds?

Caitlyn: I felt like Mason had a moment of the Flash as well! I didn't even think he'd make it out of the apartment building's block before Charlotte would get to him and there he was god knows where. 

Jarrod: To be honest, I don’t like Mason, but he’s a scared child who doesn’t know what has happened to his mother and I’m pretty sure any child would probably do that if they’re stuck with someone else (who to them) is probably trying to replace their mother - the one significant person in their life.

Carissa: Yes, all children have superpowers.

Christina: LOL @Carissa! I’m thinking that Mason should consider track or something.

4. What was more surprising: Addie ending up in Sam's bed AGAIN or Jake hinting his possible feelings?

Caitlyn: Jake's hint of feelings! We all know that Addison's been desperately missing Sam and sex lately so it was predictable that Sam's vulnerable state would force something between the two of them again. But the way Jake threw hints along the episode was great. I felt like he was pointing out his feelings while consequently reminding Addison that Sam selfishly doesn't support her plans to have a baby. He really does look out for her well-being!

Jarrod: I wasn’t really surprised about Addison jumping Sam’s bones. On the contrary, I’ve been expecting the post-break-up-sex. Jake revealing his feelings on the other hand was indeed shocking. I’m glad he has, but the way he did it was heartbreaking. He looked heartbroken after realizing that Addison had slept with Sam. Although, I still have hope for Jaddison!

Carissa: Neither was a surprise, but I want Jake and Addie to make a go of it, so I'm disappointed that Sam was another bump in the road.

Christina: The reprise of AddiSam, for sure. I was surprised and frustrated that Addie would even go down that that road again.

5. Share one prediction for next week's crossover episode with Grey's Anatomy.

Caitlyn: Erica will survive surgery. It might make more sense for her to die and leave Mason in Charlotte and Cooper's care, but it'd be too predictable. Plus, they really built a lot on Mason's point of view and how he handles the situation so I think they'll be protecting the poor kid from that kind of heartbreak.

Jarrod: My prediction is that Amelia’s drug slip will most likely come up, causing a little tension between Derek and Amelia in the OR. My hope is that Erica doesn’t survive the surgery. I want this storyline to vanish. 12 episodes are more than enough for me. I can’t imagine the pain if it lasts for the rest of the season.

Carissa: That McDreamy is going to behave like a complete ass with a God complex and overlook everything Amelia has gone through and ignore the fact he didn't even bother to show up when she was at her worst.

Christina: There will be too much drama for your mama in the OR. Ultimately, Erica will survive. Then, little Mason will want to ride the ferry boat.

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