Ringer Interview: Justin Bruening on One Dizzying Ride

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Ringer takes fans on quite a ride with its twists and turns each week. How does it feel to actually be one of the people on that roller coaster? I asked that question to Justin Bruening yesterday.

"I get dizzy doing it," laughed the man behind Tyler Barrett. "I'll have an episode off and I'll have no idea what happened. I end up having to play catch up."

Siobhan's certainly using Tyler for more than his hot body, that much viewers know for certain. She needs his access to Martin Charles Financial to take down hubby Andrew - but does Tyler have any clue he's being used?

"It's really hard to pinpoint whether or not he loves her," Bruening says. "I think he cares for her but it's hard because she lies to him constantly and he knows that."

So Tyler's not completely clueless? 

"He's not unaware but I think he's blinded because he thinks she's having his child. Even if he didn't love her, he seems to love the idea of having a child."

What can fans expect as season one comes to a close? What spoilers can Bruening divulge?

"Tyler gets called back to New York," he teases, adding that he learns even more about Siobhan's lies. But will Siobhan be able to cover her tracks yet again?  We'll have to tune in to find out.

Justin also spoke about the now defunct soap All My Children, on which he played Jamie Martin from 2003 to 2011.

"It was really sad. All My Children was kind of an institution. So many great actors have come from there. That was their starting ground and a great place to start out and it developed some brilliant actors."

Is there a difference in the fan base of a soap compared to a prime time show?

"People have essentially grown up with AMC because it was on everyday. Some people grow up with your character. I actually ran into someone at the grocery store who said she doesn't know what to do with herself at one o'clock because she'd been watching the show for 20 years."

Ringer airs a new episode on Tuesday. Check out the official preview above for "Whores Don't Make That Much."

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