Switched at Birth Review: Decisions, Decisions

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How do you find a happy medium when stuck between two parents who are extremely different? "The Art of Painting" posed this question to viewers, as fans were caught between Emmett's lackadaisical father Cameron and his uptight mother Melody.

I've stated in the past that I wasn't a fan of Melody, but I think tonight's episode of Switched at Birth might have changed my tune. At first I thought it was great Emmett was moving in with his father, whose laid back attitude was refreshing. Then, we saw the kind of influence Cameron and his girlfriend Olivia have been.

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Who encourages a teenager to take a shot of whiskey so he can relax? I get that Olivia's intention was to help Emmett loosen up so he could work on his speech therapy more easily, but that was just so off.

That doesn't even make any sense. Nobody would pound booze to study and, besides, have you heard a slobbering drunk person speak?!? Alcohol definitely doesn't help in the speech department. I will say that I really like what the writers did here, though. 

While other shows discourage underage drinking by being corny and shoving the message down our throats, this was a subtle yet effective way of sending that same message. Emmett was going off the rails a little bit while under his father's roof. He was throwing away his education and getting encouragement about the wrong things.

Nothing bad directly happened from Emmett taking two shots. But a lot of things happened as a result of a domino effect and that's what led to the end result. Emmett felt relaxed and maybe buzzed so he got his dad to take him to the show, Melody then smelled the booze, confronted the father and they got into a huge fight in the middle of the gallery.

Basically his crappy choice led to a bunch of other stuff that upset the people he loved. Besides, if he was going to take advice from anyone, it shouldn't be from a woman as immature as Olivia. Did you see the look she gave to Melody when she walked in? I'm pretty sure she has no reason to hate her boyfriend's ex-wife; in fact it should probably be the other way around.

I'm glad Bay went to Melody with her concerns. I'm also glad Bay came around and went to Regina's show. Feeling rejected isn't easy at any age, but especially when you're 16 years old. That said, it is so important that was there for Regina and it showed that she was willing to be an adult about things for a change.

Daphne may have done wrong by Buckner, but in the end she did right by herself. She went back to a team that had more to offer than snotty girls like Simone. Sure, her chances of getting recruited to a college team are probably greater if she stayed with a school that has the reputation of Buckner, but they were using her and she wasn't happy. 

Just as Bay said about Emmett, the move to his dad's was meant to make him happy but all it did was make him miserable. Daphne joining Buckner's team was supposed to make her happy too, but it ended up being a letdown.

What did you all think? Did Bay and Daphne make the right choices? Will Emmett and Bay ever stop fighting? Should Regina forgive Patrick? Will the money Kathryn gave to the nurse come back to haunt her?

The Art of Painting Review

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