Switched at Birth Review: Old Friends, New Enemies

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Why, hello there, Ty! Since Blair Redford's character moved over to the The Lying Game, I hadn't expected to hear from this character. However, he made for a welcome surprise in "Write a Lonely Soldier," as we got an update on a very realistic situation.

Last we saw Ty, he was shipping off to Iraq. Little did we know that Bay had been keeping in touch with him this whole time. More so than his old friend Daphne had been. 

Write a Lonely Soldier Scene

I understand that Bay would want to keep in touch with Ty whether or not he was an old beau. The relationship didn't end on poor terms with cheating or anything like that; Ty just enlisted. Sure, Bay may have been heartbroken, but neither party did something to intentionally hurt the other.

Especially if Ty was shipped off internationally, then why shouldn't he have the support of people back home? I have to say that I do somewhat understand Emmett's jealousy, but only because Bay hid it from him. But at the same time I think that Emmett and Bay need to start picking and choosing their battles at this point. They fight every single week. If I'm sick of it, surely they must be as well!

In this case, Emmett should've just let it go. So what that Ty knew about her street art? It's part of who Bay is. Emmett needs to be more secure with his standing and their relationship. Then again, if you were always fighting with your significant other, how secure would you really be?

Surprisingly, Bay and Emmett weren't the most dysfunctional relationship in this episode. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am just not into this Simone character. She is shady, manipulative and untrustworthy.

The second Wilkie mentioned that someone narced out the party, I knew it was Simone who had done it. Yes, she wants to help out her man, but why is she so desperate to control everything to the point of sabotaging other people? People are going to start calling her Yoko soon. Toby needs to peace her immediately.

Wilkie and Daphne were cute. I hope he continues to learn sign language. I also love how defensive he is of her when it comes to the Simone situation. It turned out that Simone wasn't the only bully in Daphne's life as we met Travis this week. It looks like not everyone was excited to see Daphne back at Carlton.

As obnoxious as Travis was, I felt bad for him when we saw his living situation. His whole family basically ignores him. How about you guys? Any sympathy for Travis? Should Toby dump Simone? Will Bay and Emmett make it?

Write a Lonely Soldier Review

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