Switched at Birth Review: The Truth About Angelo

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I give Melody a lot of crap, but I think I can finally see why she's a little overprotective of Emmett now that we've met his father. What one parent lacks in the fun department the other one more than made up for.

I'm glad "Expulsion From the Garden of Eden" finally introduced us to the elusive parent.

Whether or not he's smoking out of a huge bong or has a young girlfriend isn't really what I'm concerned about, though. I just about melted when I saw how welcoming he was to Bay! Finally, an adult who is excited to see his child happy!

Bay and Emmett

Is it possible that part of Melody's dislike of Bay comes from the fact that her newly minted ex-husband has a hearing girlfriend as well? Granted, Olivia is hard of hearing now, but it wasn't always the case. Then again, Melody could dislike Olivia for any number of reasons, including her laid back policy about teenage sex.

It's one thing to say it's okay to stay over, but another to say it's more comfortable than the backseat of a car. I happen to be very laid back and noticed over the years that the parents who restricted their teens the most were the ones who ended up with the kids who went totally off the rails. Still, I found Olivia's comment to be super inappropriate.

Anyway, we need not worry because as we found out tonight Bay is a vegetable. Oops, I mean virgin! Cute exchange that was with Emmett's "I don't peel and tell." Here I was thinking that Bay was so experienced with her past boyfriends and I got it totally wrong. I should've known better because it's usually the ones who brag about being experienced who really aren't, just saying it because they're insecure.

I'm relieved to find out that Emmett didn't have sex with Daphne. That would've been too close for comfort. One person who won't be sleeping with Daphne any time soon? Wilkie, if he keeps recycling his date options! C'mon, man, surely you can find something more creative to do; don't blame it on the town. 

Then again, as adorable and charming as I find Wilkie to be, it's kind of skeevy that he's dated his way through an entire group of friends. What can I say, though, they're teenagers - this stuff happens.

This Switched at Birth was all about the relationships. Regina never fell out of love with Angelo and John has a shady relationship with a reporter named Sarah Lazar. I want to believe that John is telling the truth about nothing happening with the journalist, but something about it doesn't feel right.

It could be the fact that he lied about where he was. Those must have been some rumors back in the day if he would lie to Kathryn about something as innocent as a lunch about a book. Whatever the case, Angelo pretty much takes the shady award this episode.

Now we know where Angelo was for those two years that he fell off the map. He is a fugitive. Two things:

  1. Do we believe his story about what happened in Italy?
  2. Do you think he actually cares about his family at all?

Hit the comments section to weigh in on this week's intense episode! 

Expulsion From the Garden of Eden Review

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If you think my dad is the kind of guy who's gonna cheat on my mom, then you clearly haven't been in this family long enough.

Toby [to Daphne]

You thought my life was one giant kegstand.