Castle Round Table: "A Dance With Death"

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On this Monday's Castle, the dance was deadly but Martha exposing her gooey center and Esposito and Ryan's wedding ring disaster were equally dangerous.

The TV Fanatic Round Table team of Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando added Castle fan Bobbie Anderson to our mix this week as we dished on "A Dance With Death," while also taking a look at next week's killer promo. Won't you join in the fun?


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: I liked the very beginning when "A Night of Dance" came on. It was funny and corny and felt like I was watching the earlier premiere of Dancing With The Stars. Other than that, I have to choose Ryan and Espo at the strip club.

Chandel: I think my favorite moment was when Ryan decided to try the no-ring experiment. While it was a terrible thing to do to take his ring off in the first place, he learned a valuable lesson.

Bobbie: My favorite scene was when Ryan and Esposito ditched Castle and got into the elevator. That discussion between them and the facial expressions were fantastic!

Christine: I have to agree with Bobbie on this one. I loved the facial expressions on Castle and Beckett when Ryan ditched Castle. Esposito calling him on in and then Ryan's explanation made the scene complete. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

Did you know who Brian Dunkleman was?
Courtney: I did, but I had to think hard about it first! What is that guy up to since his numbered days on Americal Idol?

Chandel: Yes, I watched the first season of American Idol and still wonder where he is now!

Bobbie: I didn't have a clue who Brian Dunkleman was but, of course, I had Google to lend me a search-based hand.

Christine: I had absolutely no idea. Poor Brian Dundleman. Do you think his somewhere sticking pins in a Ryan Seacrest doll?

Which was the funnier side story: Martha's gooey center or Ryan and Esposito's wedding ring disaster?
Courtney: Ryan and Espo's wedding ring disaster. This is totally something I could see a newly married guy and his single friend doing in real life. The fact that they never thought to put lotion on? Typical and I loved it.

Chandel: The wedding ring disaster, hands down. Ryan should be happy he's so in love!

Bobbie:  While both subplots were funny, I enjoyed the ring fiasco the most. Best line for me was when Ryan wondered if Jenny would see the humor in the situation.

Christine: I love Martha but when Ryan told Esposito, "You can't pick up honeys while wearing the eternal symbol of my love & commitment to Jenny." I couldn't stop laughing. Only Ryan.

Should Castle share stories from his playboy past or keep his mouth shut?
Courtney: Both! Share them for us viewers but don't do it in front of Beckett. How can you get a woman to trust you if you are telling her stories of a crazy past like he has?

Chandel: He should definitely keep his mouth shut, but I think if he did, Castle wouldn't be true to himself.

Bobbie: I always want to smack Castle upside the head when he shares his playboy memories. While I think Kate realizes that's all well in his past, I also don't think he earns himself any points with her when he throws those tidbits out there.

Christine: As much as I love the humor of it, I'm with Bobbie. I just want to smack him when he does it in front of Beckett.

After watching the promo for next week's episode, on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?
Courtney: I am always a sucker for the big intense cases so that alone would put me up at an 8 or a 9. The fact that Rick realizes Kate lied about the three little words? Ten. Without a doubt.

Chandel: I am excited to the tune of a 10. We're about to tackle the plot lines we have desperately and patiently waited for!

Bobbie: My reaction to the promo was definitely a 10! What excites me the most was the unique way that Kate's secret is revealed. I would have never guessed that scenario at all. It's so hard to speculate on the fallout because the editing of the promo can be very misleading. Is it Monday yet???

Christine: Ack! 11.5 We've been waiting all season for this. I'm a little apprehensive because I want some resolution asap and I think they're going to stretch it over a couple of episodes but at least we're getting there... finally!

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