House of Lies Review: Chopped and Screwed

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While this week's House of Lies episode - aptly titled"Business" - dealt in large part with the merger, there was plenty of pleasure to be had amidst all the drama and deception.

We were treated to some great banter from Clyde, as he was force fed Doug's thoughts on making the perfect mix CD. Jeannie was there as usual to play big sister and put them right back in their respective places. Marty, meanwhile, was trying to find the words to make Roscoe sing again. His attempts to anger his son enough to illicit a response were hilarious and showed that, while he may not always understand his child, he definitely knows what he's passionate about.

Marty and the Board

The lead-up to the merger vote featured some of the most intense scenes to date for this series, the best being the boardroom bout between Marty and Skip. Marty's speech about mutually assured destruction topped my list of the best House of Lies quotes from this week by far. 

In the end Marty, was blindsided by the Rainmaker - but I feel like he will get his eventually via some elaborate collaboration between Jeannie and Marty. Until then, Marty sleeping with his enemy's daughter will suffice nicely.

Marty's car broke down on the side of the road to close out this week's episode and he followed suit shortly after, as both of his worlds were simultaneously spinning out of control. Work no longer provides the comfort of consistency and with all the turmoil at home, where will our hero turn to find solace? 

Business Review

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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Making a great mix CD requires a level of guile and and and whim you could not possibly understand.


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