Justified Round Table: "Loose Ends"

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Thanks to Ava's rise and Boyd's speech, Justified aired yet another stellar episode on Tuesday night, as "Loose Ends" now meet below in our weekly Round Table discussion.

Read on, and then chime in, to see where staff writers Dan Forcella and Jim Garner - along with Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com - stand on events in and around Harlan...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Dan: Boyd's speech at the town hall debate. That man can do wonders with words.

Jim: I have to go with Ava taking care of the issue with Delroy with a full on shot to the chest. This is the second (third?) man she has blown away who had no idea she was capable of such an action.

Tiffany: Hard to not gasp when Ava shot Delroy. But it was also cheer-worthy and made us remember that Ava is the kind of girl who knows a poisonous viper when she sees one and she won't hesitate to kill it. This was the turning point for Ava - it declared her to be a woman who will not tolerate abuse of any kind - whether towards herself or others.

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What are your thoughts on Ava taking over as local Madame?
Dan: I'm kind of sad. I always wanted Ava to remain as innocent as possible. I realize that is difficult on a show like Justified, and in a place like Harlan, and with a man like Boyd, but she always seemed to sweet to get involved in all of this.  If she puts her heart into it, and does it to protect the girls, I will be okay with it in the end.

Jim: Makes complete sense to me. Ava actually cares about the girls and making money, not just using themm until they are worthless and throwing them away. With Ava in charge, the quality of service is going to improve greatly!

Tiffany: This turn in the story took me by surprise, but when I thought about it, it made perfect sense. Ava's deep-rooted belief that woman deserve to treated fairly is exactly what that kind of business needs. Plus, it gives Ava a seat at the table in the power-brokering in Harlan -- and Boyd looked so startled yet please by her decision. It makes Ava and Boyd more equal in their endeavors and ambitions. It solidifies that that they may truly be perfect for each other.

Who would you rather give a town hall speech, Boyd or Mags?
Dan: As great as Mags was last season, I will always side with Boyd Crowder when it comes to words. He was electric in that debate, and basically turned the whole town against its sheriff.

Jim: Mags had an awesome speech last season, but in the end it was all smoke and mirrors. Boyd, on the other hand, believes what he says and that makes it easy for others to believe him as well. If I were running, I'd go Boyd all the way.

Tiffany: Boyd was simply awesome giving that town hall speech. It was the perfect reminder that Boyd is equally dangerous with a gun or without one. His ability to persuade and enthrall with his own charisma is always made him a very dangerous and powerful man. It made him a scary militant and supremist, then a riveting religious leader - and it has always given him the edge with criminals and law enforcement alike as he can bend people's will to his purposes as it suits him.

Has Limehouse been disappointing since his eventful introduction?
Dan: I think so. We only have a few episodes remaining in the season, and he has yet to do much. Mykelti Williamson was so chilling in his first appearance that I was expecting an epic season from his character. Neal McDonough, as Robert Quarles, has been far more impressive at this point.

Jim: Limehouse has been on a slow simmer the whole season and in many ways that makes him even scarier. His thought out, precise actions show his intellegence and cunning. I think I would have a little more fear of him if Williamson didn't look so damn goofy with the fake front teeth in. He looks like one of Chevy Chase's characters in Fletch, and that's just not an image that strikes fear.

Tiffany: Limehouse does seem a bit too tame at this point in the game. But I suspect that he is more like a serpent waiting to strike. Everyone only thinks he is all talk, no action.  But when one least expects it, that's when he will lash out. Quarles had better watch his back!

What did you think of Boyd's supporting of Ava's decision?
Dan: I think it makes sense. If she's going to be around Boyd's crime, and be okay with it, he might as well allow her to take a bigger role in it. She is a smart cookie, and he knows Ava can help in the long run.

Jim: He is smart, very smart. The fact he trust that it was what she needed to do, not second guessing someone you love/trust goes a long ways towards a strong relationship. On the flipside, Cousin Johnny will not be so happy or accepting and that could create a rift between him and Boyd. Besides, as good as Ava is as shooting guys in with a shotgun, would you want to disagree with her if you were Boyd?

Tiffany: Loved it! Instead of being threatened by Ava's desire to assert some power, he was tickled that she has chose to step up and play a more active role in his endeavors. It speaks well to their future as a couple that he is proud of her and supportive of her decision.

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