Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Heart of Darkness"

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Once Upon a Time viewers were taken into the "Heart of Darkness" last Sunday.

Now, before we take off for Wonderland, Round Table panelists Jim Garner, Molly Harper, Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton are here to relive the most recent new episode, sound off on everyone from Red to David to Rumplestiltskin...


What are you thoughts on Red's character?
Jim: I love that she had embraced the wolf when she helped Charming escape. I hope we get to see more of that Red in Ruby around Storybrooke.

Molly: I was pretty thrilled to see her using her wolf-y powers in fairy tale world. I just wish she would do that more in Storybrooke. She could be a very powerful character if she joined up with Emma at the sheriff's department or just did something more interesting with her time.

Christine: Red telling Charming that she'd take care of the group chasing them and that he needed to get a head start was an episode highlight for me. Glad to see she's not wallowing over something she can't change and she's even using it to help her friends. Red's gone badass and I love it.

Nick: Red has become one of my favorite characters. She's gone from the background to deeply-layered in the span of an episode. She's gone from unsure to self-confident in who she is as a person and is loyal to her friends. Plus, she kicks all kinds of ass in fairy tale land.

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Speaking of characters, what's going on with David? He had flashes of his past life, and is now doubting Mary Margaret. Will he begin redeeming himself anytime soon?
Jim: I'm calling it now: David is going to come up with the crucial piece that helps prove Mary Margaret didn't kill Kathryn and that is going to begin his redemption! 

Molly: I sure hope so. I think the veil between David's brain and Charming's brain is tearing, which is why the queen is gunning for him and Mary Margaret so heavily.

Christine: David continues to seem cowardly and disloyal but I will admit that those flashbacks must have been confusing. They've got to turn his character around somehow because I'm starting to not care so much about him and Mary Margaret as a couple. Perhaps he'll help find the truth in the Kathryn case or maybe his flashbacks will come into play to help break the curse.

Nick: It's getting harder and harder to defend David compared to his Charming self. I'm hoping the flashes of his past life will begin to set him back towards that path once he embraces them instead of fearing them. Does David know about Operation Cobra? I think it's about time he starts to get filled in.

August shared some new information with Henry this week: he knows about Fairy tale land. Any new theories on who he is?
Jim: Given how he took the book apart and rebuilt it, I stand by my suspicion that he is the Author of the book (Didn't a panalist call him a Grimm?). He knows way to much for an outsider.

Molly: I still say a Grimm Brother or maybe Rumplestiltskin's son. In the Belle episode, Rumple said he lost his son in the same way he lost his wife. I'm pretty sure the soldier taunting Rumple said that his wife ran away. So the son ran away. Where did that leave him with Fairy Tale World got suck into the present day?

Christine: The two reigning theories are that he wrote the book or he's Rumplestiltskin's son. I liked his interactions with Henry. I hope we get to see more of it.

Nick: There seems to be an almost endless amount of directions his character can take. I like the two reigning theories that he wrote the book (at the very least he's an editor of it) or he is Rump's son.

Did Regina murder Kathryn? Or is the heart in the box just a decoy to further set up Mary Margaret while Kathryn is possibly being kept somewhere?
Jim: We know that Regina can remove hearts without killing her victims. I'm hoping that this is the case with Kathryn and that she is still alive somewhere. I suspect that Regina had removed her heart in fairytale land before Storybrooke and just now used it.

Molly: Yes, I think Regina plucked the heart right out of her. Then again, I don't have much confidence in CSI: Storybrooke's Lab.

Christine: I'm secretly hoping the Kathryn isn't dead and it's all a ruse but since fairy tale characters are unable to leave Storybrooke it begs the question, where the heck is she?

Nick: I keep thinking it's a clever trick by Regina. From what we know from Graham, I assume she has to crush or do some harm to the heart, not just put it in a box. In her car crash there was no evidence she was pulled away or killed, no blood, nothing - just an open door.

Why do you think Rumplestiltskin bottled true love?
Jim: As he said, if you can bottle true love, you can do anything. Given it was the last piece in his collection, I bet the entire collection offers a power boost or protection of some form.

Molly: To bring Belle back? To help David and Mary Margaret find each other in Storybrooke? To make Regina fall in love with the guy in charge of shoveling dragon dung?  I have completely lost track of his motivation. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It just makes him a more interesting character.

Christine: Because it holds great power. If you can bottle true love, you can do anything. So is this simply a powerplay for him or does he have a specific plan? I'm kind of hoping he uses it to get Belle back but then again I'm a romantic at heart.

Nick: I like all of your answers. So I'm just going to say it's pretty awesome that when Snow and Charming's hair combined they still had true love even though Snow's brain didn't remember him.

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