Role Playing: New Gigs for House, Cougar Town and Dexter Stars

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Three new casting updates. Three new gigs for former or current stars from House, Cougar Town and Dexter. Read on for details...

Going Through a Differential
Dan Byrd as Travis Cobb
As Lumen

Jesse Spencer has signed on to fight Chicago Fire, as the man behind Dr. Robert Chase for eight seasons on House will join the Dick Wolf-produced NBC drama - along with Taylor Kinney - as Matthew Casey, a firefighter with a messy personal life.

Dan Byrd has been cast opposite Ashley Tisdale in a multi-camera comedy on CBS produced by Louis C.K. In "second position" to Cougar Town, in case that sitcom gets picked up, Byrd will play one of several young folks trying to make creative dreams come true in a bad economy.

Julia Stiles (season five of Dexter, 10 Things I Hate About You) will anchor Midnight Sun, an NBC pilot based on the vanishing of individuals within a cult-like group in Alaska. Titus Welliver will star as the group's leader, while Michael Raymond-James is on board as an Alaskan police office who will help Stiles' FBI agent look into the case.

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