Daniel Gillies at The Vampire Diaries Convention: I Used to Be Charlie Sheen!

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A few hours after Michael Trevino took the stage at this weekends Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago, Daniel Gillies regaled attendees with stories about his favorite hairstyle ("Wait until you see the Elijah 'fro, it's a thing of beauty.") and about waiting on Paul Wesley in Canada ("He left me a really nice tip. But that's Paul. He's a good dude.").

Below, I've collected some of the more memorable questions and answers from a fun hour with the man behind Elijah...

Heart of the Problem

What is your favorite thing about playing Elijah?
It's kinda changed. In the beginning, when he was sort of a mercenary, I liked the idea that he posed a threat. That's an interesting idea to play an as actor… as things have transpired, I now like the fact that he's an instrument in this new order of the vampires, this new status quo.

Do you like when Elijah shows his good side or his dark side?
I never really look at the sides he shows as demonstrations of good or bad. He does what needs to be done. That's what I admire most about him. He takes care of things. I like that he has an economy of things, he's direct.

How would you describe Elijah's relationship with Klaus?
Tempestuous. Joseph Morgan is so good, he's so mischievous. He's sort of Napoleonic, he has this thirst for power… and I like that Elijah is the Consigliere to him.
I love watching their two energies together… I don't think power is as important to Elijah as stability is, and he hopes he'll achieve that.

What is your favorite thing to do during down time?
Hang out with my wife. She's the greatest. And we have a dog and two cats.

What would you like to see happen to Elijah to close this season?
That's a trick. That's a landmine because I know what happens. I mean… I'd like to see him marry Eva Longoria! And have 18 children with her!

What career would he choose aside from acting?
I'd probably be a writer. I enjoy directing as well. But taking it away from the business, I would have been okay in design.

If The Vampire Diaries could crossover with another show, what would it be?
Three's Company.

Why are you the only Original without an accent?
I was one of the first, and I had to make a choice. Their intentions with Elijah at the beginning was that he might only last two or three episodes… also, they're vampires, and they've been around for thousands of years, living in many different regions... I worked hard to create a sound for him that was his own, that was original. [Boos himself.]

Who would win in a fight, Klaus or Elijah?
Isn't the hybrid supposed to be stronger? You guys probably know more than I do… in terms of me and Joseph Morgan? Joseph Morgan would kick my ass every time.

If you were a little kid again, what's the first thing you would do?
Apologize. I was just so naughty… I was bad. I was Charlie Sheen.

How do you differ from Elijah?
Elijah is just cooler than I am. His clarity of purpose, his wisdom, his nobility. He's sort of everything I'm not. I'm kind of a mess and without my wife I'd really be a mess.

Who takes the longest to get primped before each scene?
Paul Wesley. He does have marvelous hair, though, and he looks so pretty.

What type of cologne do you wear?
Hugo Boss, Blue.

What was the best book you read in the past year?
"Complications" by Atul Gawande. He writes about his residency as a surgeon. [Gillies will be starring as an orthopedic surgeon on NBC's upcoming Saving Hope]. Also, "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would yo go?

What is your favorite movie quote?
"You'll find the shame is like the pain, darling. You only feel it once." - Dangerous Liaisons

If you cold be a superhero, what would your power be?
To be Joseph Morgan.

Who would you like to see Elijah have a love interest with and why?
Alaric. I don't need to explain… he was just born into that teacher's uniform. He's sexy… but what does he even do anymore? Does he work? And how do we 'ship that, "Eliric?"

Team Katherine or Team Elena?
I like them both. Can't it be like hot dogs and hamburgers? Can't I have some chocolate and some vanilla? Mix it together?

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