Fringe Round Table: "Everything in its Right Place"

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This week's Fringe Round Table takes on the events of "Everything in its Right Place."

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Carissa Pavlica and Fringie Nick Shere as they discuss the loss of a Lincoln and the capture of a Meana (alternate Nina!) on last Friday's episode.

Post your own answers and observations in the comments below. Have fun!

1. Favorite scene/quote?

Sean: Walter and the cow. I mean, c'mon. It's a cow. How is that not funny.

Nick S: When Walter and Peter meet the shapeshifter: "I'm really looking forward to studying - " / "Aaahhh...." / "--helping you." It's funny, and it shows that Walter and Peter are falling back into their traditional pattern, with Peter helping Walter find an appropriate interface with the rest of the world.

Carissa: When the Lincoln's were talking about how strikingly similar their lives were. We never did find that place where they diverged, and now it's possible we never will. Our other alternates have had very specific moments in time when their lives took a different turn. I liked that Lincoln wanted to know how Alt-Lincoln turned out so very different with things seemingly so alike.

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2. Were you surprised they killed off the original Lincoln Lee?

Sean: In a way yes, especially since he's been around for so long. But did they kill him off to give our Lincoln a chance to take his place and find his true love?

Nick S: Very much so. Not so much that it happened as how it happened. As Lincoln says, he's already survived being blown up -- and that was a really serious blowing-up. It seems weird that he couldn't recover from a gunshot wound with all of the other side's advanced tech.

Carissa: Yes. I have been invested in those characters and their hearts with as much passion as I have been in with those in our universe. After the birthing of Henry, I always imagined Alt Lincoln and Fauxlivia living happily ever after. Not only did that never happen, now their possibility has been cut short. He didn't even get a goodbye scene!

3. What do you think Alt-Lincoln's death means long term for our Lincoln?

Sean: I feel as if because Lincoln can't be with Olivia that he might try and fill Alt- Lincoln's shoes. A romance with Bolivia seems near, but should that be how it all turns out?

Nick S: I suspect it will involve a variant on survivor's guilt: he'll feel an obligation to live for two.

Carissa: I agree with both Sean and Nick. The loss of his alter ego will have a profound effect on Lincoln and he will want to live for two, and not waste another moment being who he was, someone who in his eyes was a disappointment. 

4. Now that Meana (thanks to absent RT member Nick M. for the great name!) has been captured, what's next for the Bad Brigade?'

Sean: Oh, she'll be un-captured of course. The Bad Brigade will reveal their gigantic diabolic plan and possibly even kill off one more main character. They are just so bad.

Nick S: I imagine either an epic (monsters and shapeshifters, oh my?) breakout sequence, or else they'll take advantage of her being on the inside to supply misinformation and/or conduct espionage.

Carissa: Oh, Nick! I think an epic monsters and shapshifters breakdance sequence would be awesome! Oh, that's not what you said? Well, maybe Meana can try to some sort of vaudeville act from her cell, because her makeup certainly calls out for it.

5. We got a break from Olivia and Peter. Welcome or not?

Sean: Although I liked getting to see the two Lincoln's together and explore our Lincoln's character more, I did miss watching Peter and Olivia. At times it felt like a different show, much like when Peter was absent during the start of the season.

Nick S: The break is good. It's always good when the show reminds us that the universe isn't *just* resting on the shoulders of the weird little core family unit. However, I could have done with a break that wasn't so... shippy, as our palette cleanser. 

Carissa: I always love seeing the other side, so I didn't mind the break. The few short scenes over here were well played, but I think the loss of both Lincolns will eventually hit even Peter and Olivia harder that we saw during the episode.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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