Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "The Girl With No Name"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "The Girl With No Name," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion to further debate and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. Rate the case of Holly Wheeler on a scale of 1-10. Was it one of the most emotional cases this show has covered?

Courtney: Seven. A story like this is always so sad. I definitely think this is one of the more emotional cases that definitely pulled at the viewers heartstrings. That is a parents worst nightmare and the episode did it justice.

Sean: 7. It was certainly emotional and the experience like that will be traumatic no matter what. It just didn't pull at me the same way other cases have before on this show.

Christina: 8. Stories such as Holly Wheeler's in real life are always intriguing. It was definitely emotional, but not the most emotional in Grey's Anatomy history.

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2. Cristina allowed Owen to stay at the apartment and clapped for him at the end. Is a reconciliation coming?

Courtney: I think so. I hate what Owen did to Cristina but she loves him and I think she could be in the process of forgiving him. I don’t think it will be any time soon, but I think it’s coming.

Sean: Reconciliation maybe, but getting back together better be a no. If anything, they have a deep personal connection that makes her understand the situations he was going through, and it's hard to completely let go. She wasn't jumping back into his arms, but she was certainly being a good person instead of just shutting him out.

Christina: It seems that way. And if it is so, it is far too soon for a reconciliation.

3. What should Richard do about Adele?

Courtney: OMG! That was my reaction when Richard walked in on Adele and Alan. That is such a sad situation and Richard knows that with Adele’s condition that she doesn’t remember him or her marriage. I am thinking that Richard lets Adele go with Alan even though he still loves her. This is the second woman he loved who he lost to this disease. He knows it’s time to move forward in his life.

Sean: That's a tough one because I feel for Richard and watching your wife seem more in live with someone else has to be heart wrenching. I think he's going to let it be rather than try and break them up because in the end it only hurts Adele, and he loves her.

Christina: Poor Richard! (And I'm not talking about Benjamin Franklin's almanac for the history buffs.) I think that Richard should hang in there but keep his distance as well. Maybe visit less? Live his life.

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4. The residents went on their interviews for next year. Who is most likely to leave Seattle Grace?

Courtney: I’m thinking April. Meredith can’t leave. She has her husband and her family in Seattle. Cristina can’t because she needs to learn from someone like Teddy and she is going to fight to keep Yang at SGH. Arizona wants Alex to stay and Jackson is Mark’s protege. It’s gotta be April, if anyone.

Sean: You know, I don't know. I'm not sure who is going to stay based on the actor's contracts for another season, but the show is certainly opening a door to let any of them go and not in an abrupt way.

Christina: Like Courtney, I'm thinking April is most likely to leave.

5. The boards are coming up. Who’s passing and who’s failing?

Courtney: Passing: Meredith, Cristina, Alex. Possible Fails: Jackson and April.

Sean: I'm still thinking Meredith, Christina, and Alex will pass. Jackson just seems like the obvious choice to have fail because of his legacy background. No idea for April.

Christina: My answer is the same as last week. I still think that Meredith, Cristina and Alex will do awesome while I'm not as confident about Jackson or April. Who knows, though? As we know, Shonda loves throwing curveballs.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!

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