Private Practice Round Table: "And Then There Was One"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down Tuesday's "And Then There Was One," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this week’s Private Practice episode?

Jarrod: Probably every scene with Addison and baby Henry. The fact that she is now a mother just makes me feel as though the character herself is complete. After two years on Grey’s Anatomy and four and half on Private Practice of wanting a baby, she’s finally got one. I don’t think I’ve even seen myself so ecstatic for Addie.

Caitlyn: "For the first time, in like forever, I have exactly the man that I want. This guy." I totally loved hearing Addison say that and I think this should just be the focus for this character until the season ends. We've been waiting for her to get her baby and putting both Sam and Jake on hold is only fitting. Let her be just a mom first!

Carissa: I didn't have one. For real. My "favorite" scenes are usually happy and fun or deeply moving. I didn't feel any of that with this episode. Go ahead, tear me apart in the comments! Have fun!

Christina: Charlotte: “The only way you're gonna get through this is to let yourself feel every heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching part of it.”

2. This week’s medical case featured a teen killing her younger sister. Were you surprised by this conclusion?

Jarrod: As much as the cases on Private Practice are great, I just couldn’t be bothered with this week. Probably because both Pete and Violet were involved emotionally, but the fact is that we’ve seen such gruesome storylines on the show before. So this wasn’t really shocking to begin with. It was a little girl. Brutally stabbed. Brain dead. Sister did it. Huh?

Caitlyn: Not at all! When she stood there just watching the doctors open up her sister's body or whatever it is they did, it was pretty obvious she was fascinated by the blood and all that so it was clear she had done it.

Carissa: Not at all. I knew from the moment they walked into the hospital the girl was psycho. They wouldn't have played up the disagreement between Pete and Violet if she hadn't been so very right, either.

Christina: Only slightly. Although all the clues were there, I just expected a surprising and OMFG type of ending.

3. More irritating: Amelia lashing out at Addie or Cooper scolding Charlotte?

Jarrod: Cooper. I understand that Mason is his kid, but Charlotte is his wife. They’ve been together for years now and I understand that Mason is the only true bloodline that he has, but Charlotte has put up with so much and was there for Cooper, Mason and Erica throughout it all. As much impact it has had on Mason and Cooper, has anyone even bothered to wonder how Charlotte is feeling?

Caitlyn: Cooper scolding Charlotte, for sure. I think Amelia's just coming from a place where she needs to place blame someone and it really can't be easy for her to see Addison with Henry. As for Cooper, I feel like it's the same thing over and over again wherein he takes out his frustrations on Charlotte. Maybe he's also jealous that Mason talked to Charlotte before he talked to him. Either way, Cooper needs to grow up and stop forgetting just how much Charlotte's done for both him and Mason.

Carissa: Cooper and Charlotte. She is so right - it's like she has two 9 year old boys to deal with. Cooper is just embarrassing. Looking back, I cannot for the life of me figure out how he landed Charlotte, because she is one hell of a woman. His telling her she wasn't Mason's mother was horrid. He has a rude awakening ahead. Mason lived his entire life with a woman and feels more comfortable with women. It's not rocket science.

Christina: Both were SO irritating. For the sake of choosing a varying answer, I am really tired of Amelia taking out all of her distress on Addison. I get that Amelia has been through some very tough times lately, and the latest news of her baby is truly devastating; however, it gives her no right for her to treat Addie the way she does. I wish she’d wake up and realize that Addie has been there for her through everything.

4. Violet and Pete tried out counseling this week. Do you think they made any progress?

Jarrod: Progress? These two have had zero chemistry since the beginning. Yeah, the sex might be great, but seriously, who are they kidding? If they didn’t have Lucas, I’m pretty sure that Pete would still be chasing Addison and Violet would be with Sheldon.  

Caitlyn: Honestly, I don't know and I don't really care. I feel like even if these two make up and become a family again, they'll still be at each other's throats. I never really believed in the love these two have for each other and always just saw them as two people parenting a child.

Carissa: No. I don't think they ever will. I stand by my feelings that they were never truly in love. It all came about when she chose between two men who may or may not have been the father of her baby. Hardly romantic and lasting.

Christina: Absolutely not. Pete WALKED OUT on their counseling session. Violet was just being herself. They both need a reality check and reminder that they just don’t belong together anymore. 

5. What was more unnecessary: Sheldon with an actual storyline but MIA, or the five-week time jump?

Jarrod: Difficult choice. The jump just left me with “… And the point there?”, while Sheldon’s MIA storyline was all “… So is there a point to him missing from the show for a 6 week period?”. Last week I was all “SHELDON! STORYLINE?”, while this week I was “Sheldon, where’d you go?”

Caitlyn: Sheldon being MIA! After last week's episode, I thought we were going to be given an episode with some actual Sheldon in it and a chance to get to know this character more. It was disappointing that it was just used as a reason for his absence.

Carissa: I didn't notice either. Oops!  

Christina: The five-week time jump. There was already way too much going on back at Seaside Wellness to introduce a Sheldon storyline. I much prefer for it to be introduced when things are a bit calmer.

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