The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Close Call

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There were a lot of close calls on this week's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In "Suddenly This Summer" Amy was extremely cranky and whined about feeling like she's rushed to become an adult.

To viewers, it didn't seem like anything was different in Amy's life to make her suddenly feel like her youth was slipping away from her. Little did we know that Miss Juergens was late with her period. That right, there is some serious pressure for this 17-year old girl.

Amy Shares a Secret With Lauren

I was a little surprised that Amy chose to confide in Lauren so easily. Lauren and Madison may be her best friends, but they have some of the biggest mouths of all time. I guess since Lauren isn't speaking to Madison, she and Amy have grown closer and thus Amy felt like she could trust her.

Didn't she hear Lauren mutter that she missed Madison? Rude! Well, it is really hard to stay mad at people who you are that close to and who you love so much. Only time will tell, but I believe that Lauren and Madison will eventually patch it up. Amy better shoot Lauren a quick text that she's not knocked up because you know that rumor will spread like rapidfire.

I hate to chime in and sound like a PSA, but Amy was being really stupid for ditching the condoms. I understand she was curious, but Amy you already have one kid at the age of 17 and birth control pills are just not always effective. I figured she was just late for her period because of having crazy anxiety, but hopefully she'll be a little smarter after this.

Would it have hurt to call Ricky while he was driving across town lines to score her a pregnancy test? Poor kid has been a saint this season. Don't get me wrong, I like him like this, but it seems like they've seriously switched places. Ricky used to be the tempestuous one and Amy just placated him. Now it's like Ricky is always trying to be the calmer adult.

Unfortunately, we had to deal with Dylan's parents this week again. Pudding pop is awfully judgmental about other people's marriages when it's really none of his business whether Ben's ex stepmom was a hooker at some point. I'm glad Leo set him straight and told Ben that "if we're not good enough for them then they aren't good enough for us." Don't forget to check out the other best Secret Life quotes from this week.

Elsewhere, Adrian and Omar were cuddled up and Grace was about to get it on with Jack again. She then realized that she always sleeps with Jack when she's mad at other people. I wonder why this is? I think she and Jack are meant for each other anyway. I feel bad for Grace's half-brother after that frosty reception. It's definitely a lot to spring on both parties, but it's not his fault that his dad was a liar and cheater.

Lastly, George is acting like a horny frat boy. Why is everyone so obsessed with the possibility of Anne having a crush on Nora? I didn't really think she did, but maybe now that everyone is obsessing about it she might look at Nora a little differently. What did you guys think? We're you into this week's episode? Hit the comments! 

Suddenly This Summer Review

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Incarceration has its consequences doesn't it?

Ricky [to Nora]

Look I don't mind suffering because I had a baby when I shouldn't have. But I do mind suffering because you two had a baby when you shouldn't have.