The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: School's Not Out For Summer

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Now that we're all caught up on the lives of the teenagers at Grant High, it's time to settle into The Secret Life of the American Teenager's summer routine. In "Defiance" we saw how everyone's paths all led to... summer school!?!

Teen dramas always need a common setting to keep the characters in each other's lives. Hello it's the reason there's a party on practically every episode of Gossip Girl! But summer school? Eh, it did make for a great 80s flick.

Acting Defiant

While I don't really understand why Amy would want to spend the summer taking classes, I'll just go with it for the flow of the story. Besides, she and Ricky are so adorable lately, even when they argue! That's love right there.

Sure, it'll be helpful for Amy to have to take less courses next year when Ricky starts college, but her other excuse that she did it to hang with her friends was a bit silly. They can just hang out afterward! Do these kids not have anything more fun to do other than sit in school?

Adrian certainly does. Francia has been cracking me up this season. She looks great, she's upbeat, she's honest with her craziness and she's embracing it. I'm digging her and Omar. I'm also digging Jack and Grace. Is it possible that I might actually love the pairings this season?

I can't quite weigh in on Ben and Dylan yet because I literally almost fast forwarded through that entire scene with Dylan and her mother from the Facts of Life. Jesus, breathe down your daughter's neck a little more! I'd be smoking far more weed if I was under that kind of parental scrutiny. Ben is lanky because he's an awkward 17-year old who is still growing, not because he's addicted to meth. Dylan's mom was really reaching there. 

However, Leo was spot on with Ben's need to help girls in trouble. I wonder where that issue stems from. Whatever happened to the therapist on this show? I think he needs to come back. Ben's first girlfriend was a pregnant teenager, his second was the town harlot who he knocked up and married and now he's obsessed with this girl who he barely knows. Also, they think they have "everything" in common when it's more like: "OMG we both live in California! We are made for each other!" Chill. 

I might take heat for saying this, but I kind of feel bad for Henry. What he did was definitely messed up but he is remorseful. I'm not saying Alice or Ben should forgive him, but at least he knows what he did was wrong. Madison seems to still be looking for an excuse. It's kind of pathetic considering she went as far as flirting with a 14-year old to make her feel better about herself. What sealed the deal for me declaring Madison Persona Non Grata was when she called John, Amy's mistake that she parades around like an accessory. Ummm... it's a child...

Summer is heating up and things look like they're going to get really interesting on this season of Secret Life. What do you guys think? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out The Secret Life of the American Teenager quotes!

Definace Review

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