Veep Review: Let's Normalize!

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Holy mother of God and sweet Jesus Christ, that was a funny episode of Veep.

Proving that the witty, satirical, F-Bomb laden series premiere of this HBO comedy was no fluke, "Frozen Yoghurt" delved into the "normalization" of the Vice President and her crew, as they entered the Real America of a frozen yogurt shop... after temporarily thinking they got the call-up to the top position, of course.

Anna Chlumsky as Anna

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was at her scatter-brained best during the scenes where Selina thought she was actually the Most Powerful Person in the World, as opposed the Second Most Powerful Who is Really Anything But.

Her insincere prayer for the President. Her line-reading of how "terrific" it is that he actually only suffered heart burn. Her popping back in at the end of the scene for one final look around The Situation Room. All brilliant. All hilarious.

Selina Meyer isn't actually a dumb woman by any means. She's one desperate for attention and power. She lacks some social graces. She can be intimidated a bit easily (I didn't say YES! I said... yes?), but she has a clear understanding of how Washington works - she just wants to work it to her advantage.

She does her best to do so here, while throwing in such ridiculous concepts as 2.ME and "Unclog the Bag Log." Is there any doubt that those inside the Capitol really do rely on such terms? One standout scene this week involved the choosing of frozen yogurt phrases and the debate over "creative semantics."

And, really, does anything sum up the often-asinine games politicians play than "creative semantics?

But, as I wrote in my advance review of the pilot, one could care less about inside jokes or any kind of political parody and still embrace this series.

Just consider the phrases uttered by various staff members, from Mike talking about having one's "cock out at a funeral," to him saying he's down to his "reserve set of balls" to reporter Leon West telling Dan his job will be "80% more fucked" now as a result of his actions. Original wording is everywhere on Veep, thanks to creator Armando Iannucci.

And I didn't even mention Amy's reaction to the clean jobs bill: Fuckety-doo-da, fuckety-yay!

The dialogue is quick, creative and has the feel of actors improvising. It all flows naturally.

Indeed, episode number-two may have concluded with a gag based on Selina going number-two, but the half hour was anything but sophomoric. I watched the whole thing with a twinkle in my eye, akin to a senator talking about fisting people, and - like the selection of mint as a frozen yogurt flavor - I'm just grateful there's a sitcom out there feels this fresh.

Frozen Yoghurt Review

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