Castle Round Table: "Undead Again"

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Can Castle and Beckett battle a zombie horde and their feelings for one another? 

Our Round Table team of Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando discuss the existence of the supernatural and whether our dynamic duo is ready to move forward in this Q&A discussion.


What was your favorite "Undead Again" scene?
Courtney: There were a few! I loved Castle's reaction to the zombie scene and him dressed as one to beat Alexis in laser tag.

Chandel: The scene in the beginning with Rick and Alexis. You could tell she was struggling with what she wanted to do in terms of picking a college to go to. You know as a dad that Castle wanted to help her do what was best, but they really are each others best friend in a lot of ways. That scene definitely reinforced that aspect of their relationship, and you could tell it was going to be hard for Alexis and Castle to give that up to changes and growing up.

Jim: I always enjoy Castle and Alexis when they have heart-to-hearts. Most likely it's from having recently lost my mother (who raised me). Regardless of why, I got a warm feeling inside when Alexis decided to go to Columbia because she couldn't move that far from home. Rick was right: things change. I'm glad she will be closer to home and be able to visit more often!

Christine: The scene where Kate admits that she's in therapy and that the wall is coming down and she wants Rick with her when it does. I still can't wipe the giddy smile from my face.

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What supernatural being would you choose to be?
Courtney: Wonder Woman, no question.

Chandel: I have no idea. I don't think I'd like to be any supernatural being. I'm okay with being human.

Jim: I've always said vampire (and not the sparkling kind). Having read Interview with a Vampire years before Anne Rice continued the series, I've always had a soft spot for the daylight-challenged.

Christine: Look out, Jim. I've always loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kick ass fighting skills, a pointy stick and the Scooby team backing me up and I'm taking you on!

Do you think there's the possibility that zombies or other supernatural beings exist?
Courtney: Absolutely! You can't love comics and shows like Castle without thinking about the possibility!

Chandel: If they're religious supernatural beings, yes, I do think that are some unexplained phenomena out there. As far as zombies and vampires, that's a hard sell.

Jim: There are so many cultures who have stories about zombies and other supernatural creatures that sound the same, yet these cultures never mingled. So these stories had to start from something. As Douglas Fargo said on Eureka: "Mythical just means not discovered yet."

Christine: In reality I'm more of a Beckett, forever the skeptic. I believe that there's usually a reasonable explanation for the unexplained. That said, there's still a small part of me that wants to believe that anything is possible.

Do you think Castle really could have walked away after this case?
Courtney: Nah. Maybe for a few days but he would be back. He loves the "job" almost as much as Kate.

Chandel: I think in a moment of anger it was his full intent to do so; but we all know that Castle's heart is in this for the long haul even if his brain tries to tell him otherwise time and again. I also think he might have sensed some of the implications of leaving wouldn't mean just leaving Beckett, but also Ryan and Esposito as well.

Jim: I think he needed to tell himself that so that he could forgive Kate. He was punishing her and didn't even know it. When we are hurt that deep we either lash out to punish or move away to prevent being hurt again. He tried one and it didn't work, so he was planning for the other when she offered a glimpse of hope.

Christine: Castle's history is that when he gets hurt, he takes his ball and goes home but I have to believe that his feelings for Kate and his love for his work at the 12th would eventually bring him back. I think it would hurt too much to stay away for long.

What did you think of next week's promo for the season finale?
Courtney: Three Words. I CAN'T WAIT. It will bring back some of the stuff from the earlier season, plus it looks like some hot Caskett scenes.

Chandel: That's probably one of the most epic trailers they've ever released. You can know for sure that things are going to get addressed, and that's enough for me right now. It will definitely be a hard wait!

Jim: Meh, I've been disappointed too many times by the previews showing Rick and Kate doing something out of context... I am looking forward to see how the season ends!

Christine: Other than that promo I've decided to go spoiler, sneak peek and preview free - but I've watched that promo about 10 times. How many more hours until Monday?


How excited are you, TV Fanatics, for the Castle season finale?

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