Gossip Girl Fashion Recap: Role (and Fashionably) Played

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Everyone was trying on a new hat on last week’s Gossip Girl, “The Fugitives.”

Serena was Blair, Lola and Ivy were hookers and Blair was her old self (which is not really a new hat, but practically since it’s been so long). Let’s give applause for the return of the headband on Serena. er, Blair and for the reminiscent twinkle in Blair’s eye when she pulled the lingerie out of the shopping bag.

Tonight’s season finale brings a lot of drama, personally and style wise - hello, that tangerine gown on Blair? Yes, please! Enjoy the finale like we will and check back for the fashion recap later this week!

Serena Under Fire

All cut-out (literally) and nowhere to go, Serena confessed her former Gossip Girl alter ego to bestie B in a very Serena outfit ... a body con top and a flirty skirt.

Steal Shirt: Parker Cutout Slit Top in Shadow

Actual Skirt: IRO Abstract Floral Skirt

Steal Skirt: Charlotte Ronson Pleated French Tulip Print Miniskirt

S in GG Ep 23

This entire scene was hilarious as Serena channeled Blair circa seasons 1-3 with the return of the headband, a punchy dress (one from Blair’s closet!) and the jewels.

We love, love bad-ass Serena, even if she’s doing it with a nice face.

Actual Dress: Peter Pilato Mar Dress

Steal Dress: Patterson J. Kincaid Gardenia Ruffle Dress

Lola and Ivy

Actors or not, Ivy and Lola were obviously not professional when playing hookers, but their age-appropriate giddiness was by far the best part.

Mason by Michelle Mason Peplum Dress

Steal Dress: Stretta Carla Cut Out Shoulder Dress

Steal Dress: Style Stalker Teen Dream Dress


You can’t fool us with your pearls and chignon B, we know you’re scheming! Looking uber-fresh in spring floral, Blair shows that actions speak louder than words and aids Chuck whatever way she can.

Actual Dress: Peter Som Spring 2012 Silk Floral Dress

Steal Dress: Something Else Flower Dress

Stella McCartney Faux Nappa Cross Body Bag

Miu Miu Penny Loafer Mary Jane Pumps

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Blair: That was your agent. She wants you to reconsider the program in Rome. Which is odd, because you told me they went with someone else.
Dan: Ah, well, yesterday when you ended up with Chuck I was a little nervous about leaving for the whole summer. And I know you told me there were other people there and it was not romantic, but... come on. It's Chuck.
Blair: So you lied to me.
Dan: I figured you would just think I was some jealous freak if I told the truth.
Blair: Well maybe because you are. But you don't have to be. You have nothing to worry about. Take the offer. It's an amazing opportunity and I would never stand in the way of it.
Dan: It means the entire summer apart.
Blair: But it's not like I can't come visit. Rome is just two glasses of chardonnay away.

Chuck: So the car accident was real?
Bart: I was lucky to survive it. But it wasn't an accident. I'd been threatened.
Chuck: By who?
Bart: A very powerful competitor of mine. I had information on some transactions of his that could have put him away for a very long time. But his threats didn't work.
Chuck: They had someone ram your limo with a truck? Dad, You could have gone to the police. You didn't have to—
Bart: Yes, I did. He'd made it quite clear that both you and Lily were fair game. Once I realized his threats weren't empty, the only way out was to make him think he'd already one. Once I got to the hospital tonight I figured that would be my best chance.
Chuck: So what, you just paid some doctors to switch off the machines? Hope Lily was crying so much that she wouldn't notice you were actually still breathing? What did we bury in that coffin?
Bart: Charles, I am here with you now, trying to explain.