Revenge Review: Mutually Assured Destruction

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Although last week's Revenge was a blast from the past, "Grief" showed how that history led to the sad and murky present.

Oh Sammy.  The moment I saw him lying in the bar I knew he was a goner. Of course he's got to be the oldest Labrador on record but I'll look past that niggling detail.

Even though I knew it was coming, Sammy's death made me cry. Such a sweet old dog. I felt for both Jack and Emily and, although I was glad they had one another, what I didn't feel was the love connection between them.

I'm sure plenty of fans will disagree with me but I've never felt the chemistry between these two characters and despite Jack's noble ways and righteous attitude, I still haven't warmed to the guy.

Surveilling a Scene

That said, my opinion of Daniel was also plummeting moment by moment. The guy went from wanting to run to Paris to get away from his lying, cheating, family to taking his rightful place at his Daddy's side. What's most disturbing was that he made that drastic change after finding out his father was involved with terrorism and framed and murdered an innocent man to take the fall. 

Yeah, Daniel's becoming harder and harder to like.

I really thought Charlotte would be unconscious by the end of this episode. Her parents didn't give a damn about her therapy. Daniel seemed too wrapped up in his wedding to give his sister much attention and then she thought Declan jumped into bed with a Yonkers girl. I was far from shocked when Charlotte scored more pills. What did surprise me was that she wasn't overdosing on the floor of her bedroom by the end of the episode.

So Conrad's been shacking up with Lydia. I've wondered what happened to her after he whisked her out of the mansion. Now the question is whose side will she fall on. Will Lydia grab hold of Victoria's supposed offer of immunity or will she remain loyal to Conrad?

Loved Conrad's thoughts on Victoria in this great Revenge quote:

You look like a demonic succubus. | permalink

Not a bad description of this evil, twisted couple.

But the hero of the episode was definitely Nolan. He encouraged Jack to take the $1 million so that the Graysons would leave him alone. Then he not only jumped in at the last minute and did Emily's recon work, he also kept her from getting herself killed.

If he'd only left it at that. The moment he knocked on the door of the White Haired Man's home, I knew he was doomed. The man's a hired assassin. There's no way he wouldn't smell a con a mile off.

Nolan was so cute as he swelled with pride that he'd won Emily's favor with his exploits. As smart, rich, and powerful as Nolan is, deep inside he's still the lonely outsider looking for acceptance. 

Unfortunately, it may have gotten him killed. 

Being that Nolan's my favorite character and Emily's only true ally, I have to believe he's simply unconscious and not dead but what's the White Haired Man's plan? Will Nolan still be Emily's right hand man after this incident, assuming he survives? And what will Emily's reaction be when she finds out Nolan's now a target?

What's your guess as to what will happen in next week's season finale of Revenge?

Grief Review

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