Veep Review: What the Chuck?

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Hurricane Selina touched down this week on Veep. No, not that Hurricane Selina. There is no real Hurricane Selina anymore, the Vice President's office took care of this totally non-diva task on "Catherine."

But the third episode of this seriously hilariously HBO series was its most fast-paced to date, with staffers in constant crisis mode as a result of the clean jobs task force and the planned acquisition of a dog.

Selina and Gary

Oh, and Selina's daughter stopped by. I think. It's unclear. Her mom was too busy not making everything about herself - while being surrounded by endless portraits of herself - to notice.

But Catherine actually served to ground Selina, just a little bit, as the topic of her divorce came up and we did see, for a split second, an actual caring mother, one who has somehow raised an intelligent, well-spoken child. Who reads Faust and is anxious to talk about it, first thing, with complete strangers.

But Veep, like the sitcom for which Julia Louis-Dreyfus is best known, is not one to wallow is sentimentality. Or any kind of emotion beyond sarcasm or panic for more than half a second. So let's take a look at my favorite moments from another winning episode:

  • Mike is often like an earlobe, just wobbling.
  • Senator Doyle will raise ape shit with bat shit and use you eye sockets as a sex toy, Mike. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
  • Dan did, too, show emotion when he dumped that other Senator's daughter. He signed off with with a colon and an open bracket.
  • I'd pay to listen to some Garyoake.
  • And I'd watch an entire episode of just Gary giving Selina subtle, pre-introductory factoids.

Another brilliant, witty, quick episode of Veep. Selina in spin control is Selina at her best, or at least her most entertaining. This show is easier to love than it is for a Chinese kid to solve a Rubik's Cube.

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Catherine Review

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Gary: I've selected a few candidates. Or should I say canine-didates.
Selina: No, you shouldn't say that.