Common Law Review: Deadly Dates

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We all know dating is dangerous, and online dating even more so.

If anything, this week's Common Law begged the question: is online really the place for "Soul Mates" to  be made?

Wes & Travis Investigate

For Darby Jetson, the answer was a resounding no.

For Wes, the answer is an debatable maybe. The discovery of Alex's profile on the Dating Salon seemingly prevented the possibility of their reconciliation. Though this certainty waned when Wes' own profile, set up by Travis, revealed Wes' ex-wife as one of his potential matches.

There is definitely a possibility that these two could work things out. Alex seemed to express in the pilot that there might be a discussion about them getting back together if Wes agreed to give up the badge, which we all know he's unwilling to do. It's clear Wes needed to make a clean break to get some perspective on the situation, which he eventually chose to do by suggesting a handyman to fix the light. But that wasn't until after some serious (not) stalking took place.

The only thing I wonder is why these two seem so determined to stay apart when they obviously have unresolved feelings for each other to some extent on both sides?

Who is this forensic tech fresh out of Quantico, and can she prove to be the one women in the entire police department to resist Travis's well-honed manly charm? Or might the playboy in Travis be slayed by the techie-temptress playing hard to get? Only time will tell. But don't count on Travis settling in with a wife and picket fence any time soon!

I certainly thought, however, that Travis might be willing to commit himself to that adorable kitten, Milo. Good for him for finding the cutie a nice loving home with a fellow officer.

Might our tech-goddess actually have a thing for Wes? Don't expect Wes to have eyes for anyone right now except for his ex-wife.

Common Law continues to prove it's more than just your run-of-the-mill buddy-cop drama. And I continue to look forward to it every week.

Any TV Fanatic's out there with me on this one?

Soul Mates Review

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